Monday, June 23, 2014

PRETT-AY, PRETT-AY, PRETTY GOOD: 8+ Arrests, 1 Tazing, 2 Robberies Confirmed During Busy Weekend

A busy weekend of Cubs fans, Pride Fest celebrants, and rock concert attendees appears to have been marred only by the mob rule of Belmont Avenue, which hosted more than its share of street fights and at least two robberies Sunday morning.

As next week's Pride Parade approaches, police and organizers are hoping to avoid a repeat of the near-riot conditions that followed last year's event.

In all, CWB estimates that 8 people were arrested and another 9 were taken into custody related to street stops in Boystown this past weekend, but no major issues are known to have been reported within Pride Fest itself.

Here is the weekend tick-tock:


1:16AM - Man has been beaten up at 3505 N. Clark. One arrest. Victim treated by ambulance crew. Simple battery case HX312364.

1:30AM- Police are waved down in the 800 block of Newport for a male battery victim who is bleeding from the mouth. Ambulance transports victim to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Offender is taken into custody. Battery case HX312375

2:29AM - 3 people in a fist fight outside of Hydrate nightclub, 3458 N. Halsted. Report taken.

6:00PM - That wasn't lightning, that was a Taser, sir. As severe weather rolls in, a huge crowd seeks shelter under the awnings of the Circle K/Shell gas station at Halsted and Addison. Officers are called and, for some reason, a guy decides to get himself tazed by police. He is taken into custody. CPD case HX313339.

7:24PM - Police are asked to help a fire department ambulance crew that is responding to the Addison Red Line station to help a man who is "bleeding from the neck for unknown reasons." The man declines all assistance and "wants nothing to do with the police." He boards a train and leaves.

10:22PM - One arrest at Roscoe's Tavern after a man spit in the doorman's face. CPD case HX313527

11:46PM - Disturbance at Roscoe and Halsted. One arrest. Case HX313603.


12:51AM - Man knocked unconcious and robbed at Belmont and Sheffield.

1:15AM - "20 to 30" people fighting in front of Steamworks, 3246 N. Halsted. One is reported to have a knife. No arrests.

1:24AM - Man is jumped on and robbed at Halsted and Belmont.

2:34AM - Dust-up outside of Red Ivy, 3511 N. Clark

2:50AM - Man "busted his head on the street" and is unconscious at 1011 W. Belmont.

3:42AM - Officers call for back-up to handle a melee outside of Steamworks.

4:17AM - Woman beaten up by a group of other women near Dunkin' Donuts at Clark and Belmont.

4:39AM - People fighting in the street at 922 Belmont.

5:08AM - A man reports that he has been robbed at the Belmont Red Line station. He provides a description of the offender, who is said to still be on the platform. Officers cannot find the caller when they arrive at 5:20AM.

6:20AM - Large group fighting at Belmont and Sheffield. At least five additional police units assist one who reports being, "a little busy with a mob over here."

6:42AM - Battery in progress at the Belmont Red Line station. A group of men fighting on the platform.

6:13PM - A man reports two other men are "trying to attack" him at Broadway and Waveland.

8:14PM - One arrest for battery at the Taco Bell across from Wrigley Field. CPD case HX314672

8:36PM - One arrested at Roscoe's Tavern for battering the staff. Case HX314701

9:11PM - A citizen reports that a man brandished a handgun near the Circle K/Shell gas station at Halsted and Addison. Photos are later provided to the 19th district desk. The man is not found.

9:21PM - One arrest for refusing to come off the roof at Kit Kat Lounge, Halsted and Waveland.

9:27PM - Burglary confirmed in the 3400 block of Elaine Place. Case HX314735.

10:31PM - Assault in progress near the Belmont Red Line turns into a battery in progress with 10 people beating up one in the middle of the street. An officer confirms the calls.

11:00PM - Seven to ten people fighting outside the 7-Eleven at Halsted and Roscoe. Police confirm the call and report the crowd is dispersing on its own at 11:06PM


1:33AM - Officers witness a large fight near the Dunkin Donuts at Clark and Belmont.

1:34AM - Fight at the Belmont Red Line.
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  1. I just dont get the weird fascination that the idiots have with the 900 Block of Belmont. I guess part of it is that the Belmont Station is right there.

  2. It's not a "weird fascination." It's a place to loiter, fight, and rob people going to and from the el station, with the added convenience of being a quick way out of the neighborhood to avoid arrest.

    1. If you use the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and visit another business your car will be booted in about 90 seconds, but in the evening there are dozens of prostittutes and drug dealers in their parking lot?

      Why does the Subway stay open after 9pm? Are the profits greater than the nonsense?

      Why is the liquor store at Belmont and Sheffield still open ?

    2. It is an ignorant suggestion that all businesses should close to prevent crime. If I wanted to live in a neighborhood where all the businesses are closed, I would move to Englewood. But on second thought, I guess closed businesses do not prevent crime there either.

    3. Take a look at Uptown or Edgewater Beach if you'd like examples of nearby areas with large numbers of empty storefronts/closed businesses. Both of them are thug heavens the likes of which our community would have trouble comprehending.

    4. Actually uptown is about 5-10 years away from being an ultra rich neighborhood... Thugs are being forced out by gentrification...

    5. I'd lay big money against that. Uptown has been trying to get its act together for decades. Even the gays skipped Uptown on their flight north to Andersonville.

    6. We have a bet them. I'll keep buying property in Uptown, you can do the same in Andersonville. In ten years we will see who wins...

    7. Uptown's been "transitional," and "up and coming" for decades now. Truth be told it's a concentration of warring gangs, countless SROs, methadone clinics and liquor stores. Anyone who buys property up there needs to have their head examined.

    8. From what I know, Uptown has been "turning around" since the 50's. I know of two right now that are trying to sell their "condos" for what they purchased them for upwards of 13 years ago. It ain't happening.

  3. Did i suggest closing all businesses? No. But I will make another suggestion. The alderman should pass an ordinance that implements an increasing set of fines for police calls at bars. There are many bars in Lakeview that are peaceful wonderfull places, but there are also many bars that you read about on CWB repeatedly. They are using OUR police force to mop up THEIR messes. The liquor liscense is the skin in the game, and if it was threatened they would possibly change their ways?

    1. We repeat ourselves often on this point, but here goes: Neighbors should be more concerned with businesses that do NOT call for police assistance. They are the ones who are pushing problems out the door. A couple of bars consistently press charges against people who get physical on their premises. Those arrestees go away with a better understanding of how to behave. Others go on to do the same crap again.

    2. CWB please block the repeated comments being made by this moron who blames the crime on businesses and bars. He/she just does not get that the criminals invading Boystown are not spending money here...they are just hanging out looking for crimes of opportunity.

    3. The bars/businesses have a large responsibility in this in a) blatantly over serving their patrons since the economy tanked - I know, I've been there to witness the dramatic change which is why I no longer patronize them and b) ignoring the violent crime.

  4. Can't the transit police help control the situation around the Belmont El? That is the lightning rod for this activity as much as anything. If the schools have a safe zone couldn't train stations? I'd like to see increased penalties for crimes committed in proximity to transit. What do the 19th district tactical teams focus on?

    1. Aren't there all of 200 cops assigned to CTA trains ?
      (this ain't NYC).

  5. FYI - we well know the city govt/police heirarchy are obviously not inclined to bring sanity to police force numbers and strength necessary for the crime in the neighborhood, but it's a bit unnerving to see where this broke city's precious resources are going = per DrudgeReport. I understand the valuable contribution that all the proliferation of high tech monitoring methods can bring to crime/criminal detection and tracking, but does all this BigBrother gear remove the need for the cop on the beat and enough police and vehicles being available physically, knowing the neighborhood dynamics/residents and able to respond in the flesh?

    *Chicago lamp posts to be fitted with data-collection sensors.,0,2219153,full.story..

    *Count people, track mobile devices...,0,2219153,full.story

    Police to Get X-Ray Scanner for Vehicle Inspections...

  6. Since we're talking Big Brother, lets not forget that the Chicago Police Department is seeking cellular telephone tracking equipment:

    Lawsuit seeks details on Chicago Police purchases of ... Sun‑Times
    Jun 10, 2014 - The Chicago Police Department is being sued to turn over records regarding any purchases of cellular tracking equipment, whose use is under scrutiny ... A lawsuit filed last week seek records on the department's purchase of cellular tracking ... Cellular tracking systems force phones to register with them at ...
    Are The Chicago Police Tracking People's Cellphones ...
    Progress Illinois
    by Ellyn Fortino - in 26 Google+ circles
    6 days ago - A lawsuit was recently filed against the Chicago Police Department in an effort ... of Information Act (FOIA) request with the police department seeking ... cell phone tower, a fake one or a real one, it's not just one device [that is ...

    1. The ruling by the Supreme Court may not put an end to rahmbo's endless tech initiatives, but it may slow down some general BigBrother intrusion .. GOOD news.
      ~ ~ ~

      "The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that police may not search the cell phones of criminal suspects upon arrest without a warrant -- a sweeping endorsement for privacy rights."

      Supreme Court: Police need warrant to search cell phones

    2. Chief Justice Roberts wrote cell phones are “such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of human anatomy.”

      Another nail in the trite excuse that robbery victims are being targeted because they have a cell phone. People are being targeted. It just so happens that people in this neighborhood almost certainly have an expensive cell phone with them.

    3. People are being targeted.


  7. Wait until this years' annual s#%t show a.k.a Pride Parade. If it's anything like last year, get ready for the supply of condos for sale to double.

    1. People aren't moving out of the neighborhood en masse.....I just bought a condo in Wrigleyville over the winter. At the time there were only a handful of places available to even look at in our neighborhood. Another unit in my building received 6 offers during their first weekend on the market.

      That being said, I agree about the Pride Parade free-for-all. Lock and load, kiddies.

    2. The Pride Parade has outgrown the neighborhood and needs to be moved down to Columbus Drive where all the other parades are. The parade has turned into a real joke.

    3. I lived at Sheffield and Belmont and sold my condo due to the crime in the neighborhood. And I intentionally waited until the winter to list it to avoid potential buyers seeing what the neighborhood is actually like in the Summer. That entire area has become a s*h*i*t hole. Sadly.

  8. Can any of the CPD readers help shine a light on the difference between CPD and CTA police? It's my understanding that CPD are assigned to a CTA detail, but I'm probably wrong.