Monday, June 23, 2014

PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: Some Lighter Moments

Check out our full run-down on this past weekend as Pride Parade organizers and police aim to control Belmont next weekend.

Here are a few less serious reports from last weekend:

Saturday, 4:30AM - An off-duty Michigan State Trooper calls 911 because someone has taken his shirt and won't give it back at Hydrate nightclub on Halsted Street. The trooper should be thankful that he could not be found by arriving Chicago police officers.

Sunday, 9:16AM - There's a person down in the doorway to Marshall's at Halsted and Briar. "A couple of people are standing there, poking him with a stick."

Saturday, 3:10PM - Witnesses report that a "Hispanic family is wading in the pond" near the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. "They have nets and they're stealing ducks."
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  1. Removing ducks from their habitat is not a lighter moment. Very hard to catch a floating duck. Thank God

  2. That'shhhhhhhhhh deshhhhhhhhpicable!!!!!

  3. I really don't find taking ducks funny either.

  4. Hey, stealing fish out of the lake and river is legal... why isn't stealing ducks?

  5. :-( about the duck stealing. North Pond is one of my happy places in the city. There are a lot of ducklings there right now. I cannot imagine how sad the momma ducks would have been watching some lowlife trash thieve their young. What is wrong with humanity?

  6. Contact Tunney. I'm sure he will "look into it."

  7. Mmmmm.... Duck tacos!!!!!