Saturday, June 28, 2014

OOPS: Woman Robbed, Suspect Caught Within Seconds

Illinois Masonic Medical Center's public safety patrol played a key role in apprehending a robbery offender Friday afternoon.

Witnesses called 911 at 2:05PM yesterday and reported that a woman had been strong-arm robbed behind the Walgreens at Clark and Barry. Within seconds, an Illinois Masonic patrol and 19th district police stopped a suspect—described only as male, black, and shirtless—less than two blocks away.

He was taken into custody after being identified by witnesses.

Recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case HX321040.
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  1. I know that rahm cares more about his tourism downtown.. rahm cares more about 'TRUMP' signs and his down town image...... but . this is a huge tourist area as well. you have wrigleyville and boystown.... why isn't rahm and tunney doing more for this image?? this is sickening...