Sunday, June 08, 2014

MIA: 4 of 15 Beat Cars Out Of Commission Overnight

Is our police district understaffed? Let's see if there are any clues in this weekend's operations...

Friday, 8:38PM

Dispatcher: I sure got a lot of [units with only one officer] for a Friday night.
Unknown: They need to hire more people.
Dispatcher: Tell me about it.
There will be only one sergeant tonight.

Saturday, 9:36PM

Four of the district's fifteen cars did not operate in our "entertainment" district last night.

Saturday night.

In June.

Following a Cubs game

1911, 1921, and 1931 were out of commission. Those beats are along the Chicago River on the west end of our district. Beat 1935, which protects northeast Lincoln Park was actually assigned to a paddy wagon. Obviously, they were busy transporting prisoners all night rather than patrolling the neighborhood—especially since other paddy wagon did not operate.
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  1. This is a perfect example of what is happening all over Chicago as the city becomes increasingly unsafe because Rahm and his sycophant aldermen are against more cops. Even though African American children are being killed in record number, not one black alderman voted for more cops. They follow Rahms direction if more bike lanes, fewer cops. He must be defeated as our safety and lives are at stake.

    1. Any alderman who did not vote for more cops NEEDS TO BE VOTED OUT!!!!. Sickening that most of our worthless aldermen voted against more cops in our crime-plagued city.

    2. I agree that any alderman who votes against more cops needs to go.

      I am so sick of our worthless, rubber-stamping aldermen. All they do is vote for what the mayor (dictator) wants. What is the point of paying all these fools who do only what Rahm wants them to do??

  2. Cops are riding 99 all over the north side and have been for years. Remember Richard Francis of 019?

  3. This is because the bosses are letting certain people extend there furloughs for a week or 2 weeks longer then it should be. They are not supposed to extend but bosses let certain people get away with it, then the weekend comes and there are all these unmaned beat cars because other furloughs started and the last officers are not back yet.