Monday, June 30, 2014

MAN UP: Parade Backers Need To Own Their Mess

Eight hours after Sunday's parade ended, police were still hustling to
maintain control of area streets.
The Chicago Police Department fired off a press release minutes after yesterday's Pride Parade ended. In it, they perkily announced that the parade garnered a mere eight arrests and a good time was had by all. End of story. Bye everyone! See you next year. Night night!

Lines of police vehicles fill Halsted Street early today. This activity is
"unrelated" to yesterday's Pride Parade.
But what about all of the sh!t that has been going down in the parade's aftermath in recent years? Not the mania that comes with getting a few hundred thousand people transported out. No, the other stuff. The lingering, loitering, sidewalk blocking, fighting, and robbing?

There were FAR more than eight arrests "connected" to yesterday's parade.

Here's a little taste from the 19th district's police radio at 10:41 last night: "[officers] who are doing mass arrests…they have to fill out the mass arrest cards. They can’t just bring [arrestees] in here without any information."

Organizers and politicians want you to believe all of that post-parade mayhem is "unrelated." Apparently, it's just a coincidence that it happens immediately after their event every year lately. (What are the odds of that?)

Nearly eight hours after the parade concluded yesterday, Halsted Street was brimming with "unrelated" problems and cop cars zooming to fix them with lights flashing, sirens blasting, and horns honking.

We're still counting, but it looks like 5 or 6 seven people were "unrelatedly" robbed. And, of course, that man got "unrelatedly" shot at Belmont and Sheffield this morning.

We've preached about the city's failure to secure Belmont between Halsted and Seminary for over a year. And that's part of the problem. The willingness of Pride Parade organizers, city officials, and business people to wash their hands of anything that happens after the last float crosses the finish line is an even bigger part.

Some people should be doing some serious thinking today.
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  1. I've lived in this neighborhood since moving to Chicago three years ago and unfortunately the uptick in crime in the area, the lack of adequate policing--I do believe the police are doing all they can do with limited resources--an unresponsive alderman and another sleepless post "Pride" parade night is driving me to move my family out of this neighborhood and potentially outside the city to the burbs. This "parade" isn't about pride at all. My kids marched in it and I can tell you it looks more like an excuse for people who just want to cause trouble, drink and otherwise destroy this neighborhood to come out of the woodwork.


  2. The parade backers are in their little own bubble where nothing goes wrong so there won't be any serious thinking going on by any of them.

  3. The south side irish parade gets shut down but the "Pride" parade/debauchery continues.

  4. Next weekend, the 4th of July weekend, it's Black Pride celebrations. Once the downtown and southside activities are completed where do you think all the party goers will come? I certainly hope for everyone's sake that the CPD has some plans for extra police for this event so that no one gets hurt

  5. To think the parade backers make lots of money out of this event. I keep wondering what the "organizers" do with the income they earn in advertising, float fees, etc. Probably goes to their personal bank account. They certainly ought to be more accountable.

  6. Have they thought about maybe shutting down the bars for several hours and then reopening them later in the evening? That would probably get rid of many of the out of towners that linger around. It would also probably curtail unnecessary day drinking.

  7. I love how the owners of Sidetrack's fight so hard for gay rights and to get their candidates elected but they could care less about the neighborhood. Of course they live in Lincoln Park far away and probably have a weekend place some where too. But us gay people that live in neighborhood don't matter.

  8. So much for the crackdown on drinking. I saw bars serving liquor, jello shots, vodka lemonade and beer -- ON THE STREET. WTF?

    I don't recall seeing open selling of liquor in past years. They could -- and SHOULD -- lose their licenses for such stupidly reckless behavior.

  9. It's all spin by Rahm and the sycophant media. We no longer live in a city that has free speech. The press takes dictation from Rahm and allis great. We live in a totalitarian city controlled by Rahm and the North shore and near north side 1% who constantly disrespect us.

    1. Rahm probably also taps into your phones and is responsible for the polar vortexes.

  10. Of course it would be reported that everything went well ,because telling the truth would be political suicide for 19 district top boss and the other non managing managers ! The parade is totally out of hand and there is NO way it should go on ! There's no respect for the neighborhood, residents and police ! Shut it down !!!!!!!

  11. I used to live right off of Halsted. I'll never move back, and I'm a proud gay man. Look at those photos from the weekend. Those are not allies. Those are thugs and hoodrats who want an excuse to drink and party and cause trouble in the open air, and they know they'll get away with it because the progressive community is too chickensh*t to call for more security and a tougher response.

  12. When alderman Hansen ran the ward all was fine. This freak is a joke. Time for paul Hansen to run the ward.