Monday, June 02, 2014

JACOB KLEPACZ CASE: The Long Wait For "Science"

One of many informational flyers posted by friends and family of
Jacob Klepacz tells his story outside of Wrigley Field.
It's been just over a month since a 911 caller summoned police to the 1500 block of Fullerton where they found 32-year-old Jacob Klepacz dead or dying after he suffered severe head trauma.

There have been no arrests and Klepacz's case remains classified as a "death investigation" by the police department.

Former Chicago police officer Bob Zuley has been reporting on the case for the Inside Online group of community newspapers.

In his latest report, Zuley writes about 32nd ward Alderman Scott Waguespack's claim that Klepacz's death was "not random." The alderman made that statement the day after Klepacz died.

"I want this case solved and someone brought to justice," Waguespack tells Zuley. Regarding his claim that the case was "not random," Waguespack says that "is exact wording that came from the police. I asked them twice about that exact phrase. [This was] directly cleared by CPD."

As CWB reported first, the 911 caller told police that he and two other men met Klepacz on a Red Line train on the night of April 28. After the four went to Wrigleyville's Dugout sports bar for drinks, police sources have told us, the 911 caller and Klepacz boarded another Red Line train that they rode all the way to the Howard station.

The 911 caller has told police that he could not remember going to Howard Street nor could he recall how he and Klepacz wound up nearly seven miles away on Fullerton Avenue.

A police detective recently told a community meeting that Klepacz's death had not yet been ruled a homicide because they were awaiting "science." On Friday, CWB was told by a source that pending lab work was also needed before officers could seek charges in the case.

Meanwhile, Klepacz's family hit the streets again this weekend, distributing informational flyers and plastering posters on poles throughout Wrigleyville and the area of Lincoln Park where Jacob's body was found.
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  1. I realize that everyone wants justice here but I strongly caution everyone from releasing all this information. If and when the offender(s) are caught and charged they will be tried. Everything that appears on this blog and others can then be called into account as DEFENSE issues, ie change of venue requests because a jury would be biased, other issues like "beyond a shadow of a doubt" issues. Remember all
    It takes is one story on a blog that doesn't match what the offender is arrested for and you have the beginning of reasonable doubt...

    As to the length of time for the science, I've seen rape cases wait for 6 months to get science back, hey Illinois is broke why pay to staff police forensic science labs and tests when you can use that money for stuff the politicians want?

  2. His head was bashed in and he was robbed...if that isn't a homicide, I don't know what very sad for his friends and family

  3. What "science" are they waiting for to change it to a homicide? I understand a thorough examination of the body. I understand consulting other experts for opinions. But it really shouldn't take this long to determine if someone's injuries were self-inflicted or inflicted by someone else.

    After the recent reports of number fudging by the city when it comes to crime statistics, it leaves me a bit skeptical. Especially when you have an alderman who has spoken out on this as if it was a homicide. Maybe there is some "science" going on behind the scenes. I truly hope this isnt'a case of the city trying to shove this under the rug because they can't solve it and would rather not have an open murder case in a nice neighborhood.

    It's also been concerning that the local media has all but forgotten about this case after the first week.

  4. This was a murder. It should be classified as such. The classification has nothing to do with prosecuting the case through forensics. This is just a way for the brass to keep the murder numbers low for as long as possible in the hopes that people will forget. There's a classic axiom that should be followed: If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what. It's a fucking duck.

  5. It sickens me that this young man was murdered and is all but forgotten in the eyes of the press (and of course the CPD crime stats). I feel terrible for his family and friends....that they have to "paper the neighborhood" with fliers in order to - attempt - to keep this story alive and from being swept under the rug. (Thank you CWB for keeping this story alive!)

    So many people commenting on this blog (myself included) have said, "Someone is going to eventually be killed...and only then will police/alderman/mayor do something about the crime." Sad to say, someone DID get murdered....and we only have a "death investigation." No public/media outrage. Silence.