Friday, June 27, 2014

AGAIN: Boystown Bar Employee Hit In Head, Robbed

A Boystown bar employee was struck in the back of the head and robbed of his wallet near Roscoe and Halsted this morning.

This is at least the second report of a robbery victim being clubbed in the head this week.

Today's victim called police from the nearby 7-Eleven store shortly before 5 o'clock. He told police that the offender was male, black, and wore an orange or red hoodie in the attack, which took place about a block west on Roscoe Street.

A fire department ambulance transported the 25-year-old victim to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment.

Today's attack is recorded as an aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon in CPD case HX320498.

Another man was knocked unconscious and robbed in front of multiple witnesses at Belmont and Sheffield early Sunday morning. The victim in that case was unable to recall any details of the attack.
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  1. Was this man a reported attack victim? The story is so benign, it's hard to tell with all the recent
    vicious attacks.

    And whaddyaknow: ABC7 reporting right now on Lakeview attacks - latest early today, the one you reported at Halsted and Roscoe. And the other is the head clubbing at the Belmont Station. I'd feel more hopeful if only they weren't subtlely relating these crimes to what's coming for the weekend parade instead of the reality that it's non-stop, regardless of special events.. Another positive, they DID mention they had reported that Lakeview's had the highest crime figures .. not sure if that's total or the increase this year.

    Every little bit of attention, though, sure is helpful .... maybe SOMEbody will get the hint~!

    1. Here's the ABC7 report

  2. Does anyone know if Jacob K murder has been classified as such?

    1. Not as of Thursday. Our understanding then was that the Medical Examiner's ruling had still not been issued. A mass is being held for him tomorrow, his 33rd birthday, at St. Stanislaus church. 7:30am

  3. ABC7's coverage was a puff piece pretty much. I saw the large Fox 32 truck at Cornelia and Halsted for most of Friday morning. I thought maybe they were doing a piece on crime, but dammit all, turns out they were only covering the closure of the hook-up Caribou location at Cornelia/Halsted (which closed for good Friday 3pm.)