Sunday, June 29, 2014

FLASHBACK: Scenes From Pride Then & Now

Let's have some fun. Here's a look at scenes from today's Pride Parade side-by-side with photos of the same locations during long-ago Pride Parades.

Broadway At Wellington, 1985

1985 Photo: Alan Light on Flickr

Broadway & Belmont 1976

Broadway & Oakdale, 1985 (Former Mayor Jane Byrne in Convertible)

1985 photo: Alan Light on Flickr

...and today's mayor in the same location in 2014...

3153 N. Broadway, 1985

1985 photo: Alan Light on Flickr

Broadway at Wellington, 1976

Broadway At Oakdale, 1985

1985 Photo: Alan Light on Flickr

Broadway At Briar, 1976

3021 N Broadway, 1976

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  1. Just curious about one of the pictures...the picture of Mayor Byrne said it was from 1985. Mayor Byrne was in office from 1979-83. Was she at the 85 parade, or could that picture have been from a couple of years earlier? Kinda near to see the differences/similarities of the buildings and streetscape.

    1. Nice catch. Alan Light's photo set from '85 also includes photos of sitting Mayor Harold Washington arriving at the post-Pride rally in Lincoln Park. So we should probably say "former mayor Byrne."

      Glad you like the feature. It's not easy to find really old parade photos, so the photographers and videographers who provided the originals did a wonderful service.

    2. That last post was supposed to read " kinda NEAT", not "kinda near".