Sunday, June 01, 2014

COPS: Kosher BBQ Festival Marred By Anti-Semitic Threats

A kosher barbecue festival at the Anshe Emet synagogue was disrupted this afternoon by a man who yelled "kill the Jews" while sporting a swastika and a black ski mask, according to off-duty police officers on the scene.

The officers were working as private security for the event near Broadway and Grace.

Around 12:20PM, a white man—about 5'11" tall and 150 pounds—waved a white flag and yelled threats at festival-goers, witnesses say He wore a black hoodie with a swastika on the back as well as a full ski mask. He was last seen heading southbound on Pine Grove toward Addison.

The same synagogue was plastered with anti-semitic graffiti in 2012.
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