Sunday, June 08, 2014

CONFIRMED: Battery, Knife Threat On Broadway

 CWB has confirmed details of an incident near Nettlehorst School last Saturday evening.

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Several 911 callers reported that a 14-year-old boy was beaten up outside of Nettlehorst around 7:15PM. A citizen who tried to detain the offender was threatened with a knife. That didn't slow him down for long. The citizen continued his efforts to detain the offender and succeeded near the rear of the school.

Two case numbers: Simple battery on the teen in case HX284600; and aggravated assault with a knife in case HX286356. Both police reports say the incidents took place on a public area of the school grounds.

Another Random Beat-Down Near Sheridan Red Line

Another victim was randomly battered at Sheridan and Irving Park Friday evening. A restaurant worker was tossing out some trash when he got beat up by an apparently homelesss man. There has been no arrest. The offender is described as a 45-year-old white man with a full beard, tall, wearing a blue shirt with the letter "J" on the back.

This is not the same attacker who battered a senior citizen on a dog walk in that area Wednesday night.
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  1. The offender in the Nettelhorst incident was also a 14-year-old boy

  2. I've stopped and asked people with their children on the playground at Nettlehorst if they're worried about what is happening in the area, and without fail they either ignore me as if I wasn't there or grimace and act like they have no idea what I'm talking about. I also know someone who tried to speak to the school's principal and parents' association, and both refused to even talk to him.

    1. I think that most don't know what is happening.

      The influx of "visitors" to the neighborhood is very localized...Halsted and Waveland, Panera Cares, Clark & Addison especially on weekends. So, if you live on say Cornelia east of Broadway, you probably aren't seeing "visitors".

      Then, if your media sources are Tribune, Sun-Times, local TV news...again, you have no idea what is going on in your neighborhood. It is only very recently that Inside-Booster has really stepped it up in writing about North Side quality of life crimes.

      And lastly, I think, is this. Many of the people who live in the areas written up in the great resource are from suburban and rural areas, and have this idea that some degree of crime is just part of what comes with living in the City. Resultantly, even when they know about it, they don't really get overly concerned.

      Just my thoughts.

    2. ^^ Good comments

    3. I agree, great comments. Very accurate.

      Case in point - some people say that these problems started sometime in 2009 or 2010. Well, in those years, I was living in a different neighborhood, never heard of any of this stuff happening, and really just lived my life without any fear of mob actions etc. Then in 2011 I moved to the 900 block of Belmont, and that was when my life was turned upside down with nightly mob actions, unruly groups blocking sidewalks and kicking people's dogs, stabbings over on Halsted, disorderly conduct/harrassment, and non-stop noise from unruly groups loitering outside on the sidewalk.

    4. michael - i'm a parent at the school and the principal and "parent group" never refuse to talk to anyone. i have to say, if the person is coming to only as "if i'm worried", and has nothing further to offer, then i have other things to do with my time. yes, all parents are worried about crime in this neighborhood and are more interested in a solution than being asked if they are worried. i can't speak for any other parents, but the various "help" organizations seem to brought in a cohort that wasn't so present when i started at the school about 8 years ago.

    5. People don't realize it because, on the whole, our area is still a very safe place to live and raise a family. I have been living in the area since 2003, and I would have had no idea about all this if I never came upon this blog. As it is, even with the blog, I haven't changed my life much except for being very careful walking down side streets late at night (which, in this neighborhood, I shouldn't have to do). I had one friend get held up at gunpoint in 2008, which is a huge deal, but have been lucky enough to not know anyone else who has been a victim.

      It's still a great area to live. I just hope the city can replace the resources they have stolen from this area to combat crime so that things don't get worse.

    6. "yes, all parents are worried about crime in this neighborhood and are more interested in a solution than being asked if they are worried."

      Then why aren't those parents by the hundreds filling the CAPS meetings every month, etc. I and a few others put a rag tag group of residents together last year and managed to put the Broadway Youth Center zoning issue on the table. We didn't stand a chance in the end because we didn't get the "parents" of the neighborhood to stand up with us. I'm sorry if you don't care if people are "worried."

    7. I'm not here to do battle with you. If you asked parents if they are worried, and THEN told them about a CAPS meeting and how their attendance could improve things, you'd get attendance. most parents don't know what a CAPS meeting is (nor, I would guess, do most residents) and in this blog the meetings are characterized as useless lip service;.anyway, i'm more like you than different. at that school, i've led a ragtag group trying to get the community to support the school, because a good school, like public safety, is good for the neighborhood. anyway, here is a way forward with parents. if CAPS meeting are a legitimate way for parents to bring action (and not more empty city blather, as I've heard), then the LSCs and parent groups (PTOs) of the neighborhood need to hear the problem (crime creeping onto school grounds, and threatening families not only where they live but en route to school) and be given a very brief vision into how this can be solved (increased parent attendance at CAPS meetings). this would take some work, but it's doable and is a channel to get both the distribution and legitimacy that you seem to be looking for. i thank you for your work at the CAPS meetings, and i'm being very serious. I didn't see that as a legit path, but if it is, demonstrating the problem and the next steps to nettelhorst, blaine, anshe emet, hawthorne, and mt carmel would start gelling and giving directional support among parents. i took issue with you saying that you were standing next to a playground asking parents if they're worried about crime. that's like me approaching you at a bus stop and asking if you're worried about education, and just waiting for your reply. i imagine you are worried about it. but even parents like me, who are hyper involved in this community, don't see any way to combat the crime issue. and all of the schools i named rally like crazy around their schools - there is power there, if its directed. so if it takes creating a "Families for a Safe Lakeview" shell, and having a few volunteers speak to the LSCs and PTOs (showing them perhaps the latest fight at nettelhorst as a lead-in - then broadening the case to the larger crime and police manpower issues that affect all families here - and suggesting the top 3 things parents must do to retake this neighborhood (CAPS meetings, speaking with a unified voice across all schools, outreach to the mayor and alderman's office on a regular basis), then the LSCs and PTOs can spread that word among the parent populations. again, i'm not here to battle you. if you've been active, then i support and thank you. getting a message and plan to a large group (parents, or this community as a whole) is really difficult, and helping people understand that they can be part of the solution is even more difficult. but it's probably doable. i'll be happy to start at nettelhorst.

  3. Rahm 2015....
    Crime is down
    We need bike lanes

    1. You do realize, realist, that the city, or any government unit, has to tackle a plethora of issues all at the same time, right? Talk over bike lanes, potholes, pension, school closings, etc. must continue at the same time as discussions about crime and police staffing. That is how government works. The building of infrastructure cannot stop because crime is an issue.

  4. That here was another incident on the Nettlehorst playground a week ago Saturday. A kid who attends the school brandished a Bowie style knife to a little girl (who also attends the school). She ran terrified to her dad, and the chase was on. He and a few others called 911 and caught the kid for CPD. Problem is, both of the kid's parents are CPD. Between that and a non-responsive principal, nothing has been done. This child has to spend her day in the same building as this punk. Also, many mornings there are syringes and used condoms left on the playground by whomever hangs out there at night.