Sunday, June 15, 2014

COLD HEARTED FAKES: More Counterfeit Cash In B-Town

Ew. Um, do you have anything smaller?
A month-long streak of fake cash continues to cost local businesses money. Boystown's Jewel-Osco store became the most recent victim when a bogus $100 bill was passed at 11 o'clock Friday morning.

Jewel security followed the offender north on Broadway, but eventually gave up the pursuit. Officers were unable to find the offender later and no report was filed.

All of the reported fakes have been $100 and $50 denominations. Offender descriptions have varied.

Other recent passings of counterfeit bills have taken place at:
• A Belmont Ave. Japanese restaurant and a Clark Street wine bar on May 19.
• The Taco Bell near Wrigley Field at 1:02AM June 8.
• Mullen's bar in Wrigleyville at 12:10AM on May 31.
• Caribou Coffee at Halsted and Cornelia on May 27.
• Caribou Coffee at Halsted and Cornelia on June 8.
• Halsted Street Beach, 3741 N. Halsted on May 15.
• Four businesses reported fake currency during one week in mid-April
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  1. This may not be just a Chicago thing. I noticed in a Subway restaurant in Brooklyn yesterday and a White Castle in central New Jersey today, that there are prominent signs saying no bills over $20 accepted.

    In any case , this has to be a Secret Service issue and not something that you're Con Artist Mayor can sweep under the rug or blame Donald Trump.

    1. Looks like you've got Rahm Derangement Syndrome...connecting all of Chicago's ills with our potty-mouth mayor.

  2. Hire fool idiot clerks, you sow the harvest. Look at the bills, children, look at the bills!

  3. These bills are actually very well done. We caught these guys twice and called the cops but they got away.