Monday, June 30, 2014

CBS2: Tunney "Open" To Moving Pride Parade

Eight long hours after yesterday's Pride Parade ended, 
Chicago Police vehicles are stacked up on Halsted Street
as officers try to maintain control of the area.
On the heels of a post-Pride Parade shitshow of epic proportions, Alderman Tom Tunney today tells CBS2Chicago today that he is open to moving the Pride Parade downtown.

“We hear from our residents that they don’t feel safe in their neighborhood – that there is too much… alcohol and partying all night long," Tunney said.

If you put "partying all night long" into Google's Tunney-To-English translator, you'll learn that the phrase means robbing, battering, vandalizing and (now) shooting.

Six people were robbed in the neighborhood between 8:30 Sunday night and early this morning. Many, though not all, are certainly linked to post-Parade "partying."

Later tonight, CWB will report on the true story about crime and arrests related to the Parade. Clue: Far, far more than eight people were arrested.
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