Monday, June 30, 2014

BY THE NUMBERS: Pride Sunday Brings At Least 36 Arrests, 70+ Medical Calls, 24 Batteries

Seven! Seven robbery victims! AH! AH! AH! AH!
UPDATE JULY 1: As of 4PM today, charges have been filed in only two of the incidents listed here with case numbers: An underage drinker and the man charged with criminal damage to a police car.
The monthly police department CAPS meeting for Wrigleyville and Boystown will be held Wednesday night at 7 o'clock in the police station on Addison. 

Eight arrests? That's what the police press release claimed when it got fired off to the media as the last float crossed the finish line Sunday.  Try 36.

Good news: there were far fewer fights reported than last year

Bad news: there were more robberies (six incidents involving seven victims) and medical services were again outstripped by demand. (Our list of police-involved medical calls is here.)

10:39AM - Someone made the poor decision to move out of their Halsted/Buckingham apartment on Pride Sunday.

10:29AM - 12 protesters have arrived at the designated site: Pine Grove and Diversey.

The CPD "ANOV bus" apparently decided
to spend time with its family on Sunday.
11:00AM - Despite much hoopla about a crackdown on public drinking, it is revealed that the Chicago Police Department's "ANOV Bus"—designed to quickly process people charged with drinking on the public way and other minor infractions—will not be attending this year's Pride Parade.

11:00AM - Woman battered on the Brown Line at Belmont station. Case HX324756

11:23AM - Pride's first arrestee: underage drinker at Halsted and Barry.

11:38AM - Protester count: 30 anti-gay, 25 anti-anti-gay. 11 minutes later, a woman is arrested there for battery. Case HX323676

12:28PM - Police helicopter identifies only one problem area: Halsted and Aldine.
Image: TC's wife

12:41PM - Helicopter: problems at Halsted and Aldine. "At least 100 people smashed into that area and they're still coming."

12:54PM - People are standing on a squad car at Halsted and Aldine. A neighbor clicks "record." Dispatcher: "If you are parked at 3334 Halsted, people are sitting and walking on your car."

12:58PM - Helicopter reports a second police car is being jumped on a block north of the first one.

1:02PM - Arrest at Belmont and Clark.

1:04PM - CTA is asked to bypass Belmont station. It does.

1:10PM - Crowd has gotten around/through/over fencing at the LGBT senior center construction site near Halsted and Addison. Large crowd gathering inside.

Come on, come on! Answer! Ugh. Batman
never does me like this.
1:19PM - Crowd's too dense. Some bike cops are taking their cycles back to the station.

1:28PM - Over at the protest site, people on passing floats are throwing water bottles and other debris at the protesters. The projectiles are also hitting officers.

1:28PM - Police command post wants to tell parade organizers about participants hurling things, but the organizers are "not answering their phone."

1:30PM - The 19th district enters "Radio Assignments Pending" (RAP) status, meaning no officers are available to handle important calls waiting for service. The RAP will continue all night.

1:30PM (approximate) - As calls of people passing out in the heat surge, the fire department hoses people down at Halsted and Belmont. Video.

1:34PM - Fist fight inside Circle K, Halsted and Addison. Participants flee.

 That'll buff right out.  Image: Second City Cop 
1:42PM - Vice unit conducting premise checks of liquor establishments says it's issuing a citation at 3354 N Halsted, an address lying between DS Tequila Company and Roscoe's Tavern. Case HX323781

1:45PM - People are still trashing that police car at Halsted and Aldine. "If that's your car, you better get over there." Officers: There is "no way" to get there.

1:52PM - Some how, some way, after all of those people danced on and trashed the police car at Halsted and Aldine, Dionte Rice, 19, winds up being the one who gets arrested.  With luck like that, you'd better not be booking any trips to Vegas, Dionte. The Second City Cop blog has a pic of the arrest—and what's left of the car. Case HX323835.

1:53PM - They're still on the police car at Halsted and Buckingham.

1:57PM - VIP treatment! Someone gets arrested by the CPD's Deputy Chief for Area 3. Reason unknown.

1:58PM - Whispered on police radio: "Make it stop."

2:00PM - Report from the scene of the second police car/dance floor at Halsted and Buckingham: "The roof is caving in, hood dented in, all damaged outside." Also, there's an elderly woman passed out in the alley behind it. Send EMS.

2:04PM - Officers report a "large fight" at 3247 Halsted.

2:07PM - Protest site: "We've got a battery and an extremely rowdy group." Friendly suggestion: the police mounted unit is a block or two away. Horses are politely declined because "they won't do any good on the sidewalk." Case HX323855.

2:08PM - Dispatcher: "These people need to leave. The parade is over. Go home."

2:15PM - Dispatcher: "Officer [name]? You need to go to Halsted and Aldine. Your car was damaged." Command Center: "Uh, yeah. Have him call the command center, too."

2:29PM - Man beating a woman, 4619 Broadway

2:33PM - Two juveniles arrested for battery at Montrose and Sheridan.

2:49PM - Another arrest. Details unknown.

3:20PM - Per an EMS officer, someone just got punched in the face at Belmont and Sheffield.

3:34PM - Can we let people board the train at Belmont now? "Yes, please."

3:48PM - Helicopter: The crowd is about to take over the street at Halsted and Roscoe. They're breaking down barriers and filing in behind the parade.

3:55PM - Battery in progress, Halsted and Aldine.

4:00PM - An off-duty sergeant is threatened by a man outside of Cubby Bear, Clark and Addison. One arrest for aggravated assault of a protected employee. Case HX324047

4:01PM - More cars! More cars! Huge fight at 3220 Halsted. The participants are from Iowa.

4:08PM - Officer needs help, Broadway and Diversey.

4:23PM - Helicopter: Crowds "10 deep" waiting to get on trains at Belmont.

4:34PM - Belmont and Sheffield: Crowd on the street is so big, customers can't exit Walgreen's.

4:36PM - White guy "fighting everybody" inside Dunkin' Donuts, Clark and Belmont.

4:37PM - Still getting calls about the battery in progress at Dunkin' Donuts.

4:38PM - Officers find a battery victim at Broadway and Oakdale. He tells them he called 911 to report the attack. They tell him to call 311 to file a report. Also, they walk him to a medical tent.

4:40PM - Tracy. Poor Tracy. She called 911 to say she's at Halsted and Clark and she lost her friends and she's scared.

4:41PM - Yep. Still getting calls about that guy inside Dunkin' Donuts.

4:44PM - They're throwing bottles out of a window at 3404 Halsted. One pedestrian is struck on the head. Police request city building inspectors to "inspect" the party building. Victim declines to press charges.

4:45PM - The building inspectors are "inspecting" a party at 742 Aldine.

4:48PM - While we have no word on the building inspector's opinion of the party at 742 Aldine, Chicago Police Officers report that it is "still jumping!" This video would seem to confirm that assessment.

4:54PM - The protesters have left.

5:11PM - Two arrests. Circumstances unknown.

5:22PM - One arrest, 3442 Halsted.

5:25PM - Those vice guys are still at it. Writing another citation at 3320 Halsted, they say. That's the address of Scarlet bar. Case HX324078

Good news for the truck driver: that orange building is a body shop.
Good news for you: it matches your sunglasses, girl!
5:32PM - One arrest at Belmont and Halsted.

5:33PM - Roscoe's signs complaints against two females.

5:45PM - One arrest at 925 Belmont

5:53PM - Streets and Sanitation street sweeper collides with a Streets and Sanitation pick-up truck at Halsted and Newport. Video of aftermath? Found it!

[Around this time, two women who attended the Pride Parade were shot near Montrose Beach, pulling a significant number of officers away from the post-parade area. Todd Diedrich had his camera.]

6:13PM - People fighting a man on a bike at Halsted and Aldine. Oh, the call came in 40 minutes ago.

6:14PM - Two teens being held for battery to an employee working at Halsted and Aldine.

6:42PM - Units are pulled to keep a post-shooting lid on Montrose Harbor area and Uptown.

7:14PM - At Belmont and Wilton, someone is throwing stuff from an upper floor and a person has been struck.

7:24PM - One in custody after a street stop at Belmont and Broadway.

7:43PM - Person beaten at Aldine and Clark. Ambulance is rolling.

7:55PM - Underage drinker arrested, 3237 Halsted. Case HX324332

7:58PM - Battery in progress at Clark and Surf. 10 people fighting in the street.

8:20PM - Armed robbery victims ask to meet officers at 1153 Belmont. Case HX324344

8:27PM - Two arrests. Broadway and Waveland.

8:34PM - Assault in progress 1211 Belmont. A large group of men threatening another.

8:51PM - Among the assignments still waiting for officers as the district's RAP nears hour #8: Woman beaten and robbed by 3 men and 2 women across from Wrigley Field.

Everything looks good to me. Smoke break. Image: Anonymous
9:01PM - One arrest, 758 Brompton.

9:19PM - Officers report a large disturbance at Halsted and Roscoe.

9:22PM - Officers need help at Halsted and Melrose.

9:34PM - Fight in the alley, 3247 Halsted.

9:50PM - Aggravated battery to a police officer at the police station, 850 W. Addison. Case HX324407

10:12PM - From Duh, Incorporated: Officers report "people are loitering and congregating on the corner of Clark and Belmont."

10:31PM - One arrest, Halsted and Aldine

10:34PM - Robbery. Man and woman are hit with bottles and robbed by a large group of male offenders at Broadway and Surf. Fire Department Truck 44 reports a group of 30 young men fighting and damaging cars in the same area.

10:40PM - Yet another Pride VIP: the Area 3 Deputy Chief busts another one, Belmont and Sheffield.

10:41PM - District station officer: "[Officers] who are doing mass arrests…they have to fill out the mass arrest cards. They can’t just bring [arrestees] in here without any information."

11:14PM - "Send me more cars!" 3232 Halsted.

11:34PM - Battery in progress. CTA police report a huge fight near the Belmont L station.

11:35PM - Multiple callers report a man in the fight on Belmont has a gun. Officer: "There is no person with a gun over here."

11:54PM - 2 arrests at Roscoe and Halsted.

Officers get to know a late nite Pride celebrant at Belmont and Clark.
11:58PM - Officers witness another battery. Belmont and Clark.

MIDNIGHT - The 19th District Executive Officer orders units to sweep Belmont from Clark to Sheffield: "If they are not in a business or waiting in line for a business, they have to move." Why this is not standard practice the other 364 nights of the year is unclear.

12:01PM - Caller reports person with a gun in his pocket at Halsted and Newport. Officers make contact, don't find the gun, and deem the matter "not bona fide"

12:03AM - 5 teen girls and 4 teen boys fist fighting in the alley behind 753 Melrose. They're gone when officers arrive.

12:10PM - Arrest at Belmont and Halsted.

12:32AM - One of the innumerable "car parties" sours when 3 attendees are arrested at Belmont and Seminary.

12:36AM - At 1026 Roscoe, a gentleman says somebody just punched him into the face and scurried into a nearby alley.

12:45PM - Three arrested. Location unclear.

12:55AM - Officer: A large group of males is heading north on Sheffield. "They haven't started anything, but it looks like they're going to."

12:56PM - Another sweep of Belmont. "If they are not in a business or waiting in line for a business, they have to move." Followed by a similar sweep of Halsted.

1:01AM - Fight on a Red Line train at Belmont. The conductor is trying to break it up. 911 call taker heard a "loud commotion" in the background.

1:11AM - Tons of people on Wilton and Belmont. Commander asks for extra attention there because he's been getting a lot of complaints from residents on that block.

1:29AM - Person with a gun reported at the Belmont CTA. No weapon found, but three arrests are made for battery. Case HX324625

1:36AM - All bike units are to meet at the Belmont CTA station

The police presence at Belmont and Sheffield is seen moments after
a man was shot nearby early Monday morning.
Image: Anonymous
1:44AM - Multiple calls of people fighting at Sheffield and School. Crowd disperses when officers arrive.

1:51AM - Tactical officer reports a fight breaking out at Belmont and Sheffield. According to a witness, officers were preparing to arrest at least one offender when...

1:52AM - Man shot a half-block south of the previous incident. Officers abandon the fight and run toward the gunfire. Manhunt through area yards ensues. Case HX324654.

2:11AM - Another call of a person with a gun. Halsted and Belmont this time. Description of man very closely resembles the individual described in the 12:01AM "man with a gun" call at Halsted and Newport. Officers stop a suspect, search him, but find no weapon.

2:18AM - Battery. Woman says 4 girls beat up her friend at 3311 Halsted.

2:53AM - A stone's throw from officers guarding the shooting crime scene at Belmont and Sheffield, a person is thoroughly beaten and robbed at 916 Belmont.

3:20AM - Man reports a guy just stole his friend's wallet. That guy is still on the scene, but he's armed with a Taser.

No furniture after 9 o'clock in this Subway restaurant. Wonder why?
3:29AM - Man reports his friend has just been beaten at Aldine and Dayton. Ambulance transports the man who suffers swelling, cuts, and bruises to his head. Case HX324695

3:31AM - At the no-furniture-after-9p.m.-Subway restaurant, 901 Belmont, 12 people are reported to be outside the store waiting for a customer to come out so they can beat him up.

3:53AM - Police meet with a robbery victim at 930 Belmont. He was beaten and robbed outside of the Subway restaurant at 901 Belmont about 15 minutes ago. It is not known if he is the guy the crowd of 12 people was waiting for.

4:51AM - Illinois Masonic Medical Center summons police for a battery victim. The woman says she was robbed and just wants to go home—but all of her stuff was in the book bag the offenders took. Officers get her on a train.
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  1. Wow, this is such a comprehensive recap of the day's crazy events. Thank you for the excellent compilation!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous for reading CWB and caring about our great neighborhood.

    2. What a shame the media only cares about the politicians. The New Jersey chief is on WGN right now saying how great everything is in the city and how crime is down significantly.

  2. We thank all the outside units that came to help out. You were a big help to everyone.
    And I am sorry there was that one beat car that thought you should handle there jobs at night on Belmont, were not all dogs. We thank you again for being there and where you guys were a very busy spot in the district. A big thanks to you and everyone else

    1. Yes thanks for all the help, anytime.
      We all heard that one beat car not want to take the jobs given them and try to pass them off on outside units. Sorry about them, the rest of us are grateful for the help.
      That beat car just doesn't like being bothered is all.

    2. ^^Thank you both for giving your all last night.

      BTW, the comment immediately above ours here is the 10,000th comment published on CWB. Feels good, doesn't it?

    3. Look up "beat integrity"

    4. beat integrity?
      On a busy night like that? Who are you kidding?
      Go back to your hole now and sleep that it's all over dog

  3. This is pure insanity. Hope I can see pride on Columbus ave next June.

    1. My friends and I were just having same conversation Sunday night. We have vowed to not attend another Pride parade until it is moved downtown. It is simply no longer logistically feasible to keep the event in Uptown and Boystown. Attendance is far too high, the streets are far too narrow, and police and EMS are unable to effectively do their jobs. Yes, it is a terrible shame that it has come to this, because businesses in these neighborhoods depend on Pride weekend and Market Days for their bottom lines, but it is high time we face facts and do what is necessary.

  4. Can we move the Pride parade to Iowa?

  5. WOW! Quite impressive reporting CWB. The community really needs this site, one of the best neighborhood reporting blogs out there. The trouble isn't the parade, it's the high % of young and straight thugs who come from all over the city to rain hell on the community. Moving it downtown will stop very little of the chaos that goes on after the parade. I used to live in that neighborhood and never witnessed anything close to what CWB is reporting. What a shame to see this happening.

    1. "The trouble isn't the parade, it's the high % of young and straight thugs who come from all over the city to rain hell on the community."

      I agree, however many of the gay revelers are out of control.

      The stickers with the = sign placed on the terrorized police cars represent gay rights. Unless, straight thugs carry a batch of gay = rights stickers one can assume ...

    2. How about jumping to the conclusion that perhaps the thugs picked up the sticker from the mounds of trash everywhere and placed it there themselves? Speculation is fun, isn't it? Were you even there?

  6. Smoke break. Lucky his service revolver was not grabbed. Animals and he has a smoke. What the fuck.

  7. The goal of this web site should be to go away. That would mean the crime here stopped." Houston We Have a Problem." And the rest of our once great nation we have a huge problem.

    1. Actually, our goal IS to go away and it has been since the day we started. We aim to effect changes that will make our great neighborhood as safe as it was just a few years ago.

    2. I think for an urban area, there's always going to be some level of crime. That bit about a crowd of 12 people waiting for someone to come out of a Subway? I remember witnessing an incident like that happening at the Dunkin Donuts at Belmont/Clark in the 90s. Even in "the good old days" there was still crime then. There's a certain level of kids congregating that's just going to happen in this neighborhood as long as it remains "cool."

      I do hope that this web site can eventually go away... but you know... I don't see that happening any time soon! Even if Rahm and Tunney are tossed out of town and the CIH is shut down, there's still going to be crime & trouble spots to report on...

    3. @ Anonymous-- This is NOT comparable to the 90s. Sorry.

  8. Appalling and sickening. MUST be removed from the neighborhood.

    FYI = "journalistic integrity" from ABC7Chicago:

    Meanwhile, with a crowd of a million, police say they only made eight arrests, including damage to a police car.

    Thanks so much for your diligent, incredible, ACCURATE reporting, CWB! Without you ......

  9. Thanks to the Chicago police who tried to all they could with what little manpower they had. And thanks to you, CWB, for all the great work you do.

    After this "Pride" shitshow, let's hope 'a change is gonna come.' How the media continues to ignore this is beyond comprehension.

    1. You asked about regular sweeps in the neighborhood CWB? Most would agree with you. Many wish it could be done every weekend because it might discourage the criminals. The problem is that it is labor intensive - you a lot of manpower - and the district just does not have those resources. Most of the time, with the RAPs and heavy workload, the cops are just trying to keep the lid on instead of preventing the water from boiling at all. Let's remember that on Pride Day, most of those cops were working 12-14 hour shifts with virtually no breaks. Some started working at 6am on Sunday and didn't go home until after midnight or later. On the weekends they just run from call to call, many times with little relief, to try to accomplish the same thing - keep the lid on.

  10. There was a poor soul trying to move on Wilson east of Broadway. There was no parking for the truck so they pulled into a parking lot. Cars bumper to bumper so the couldnt cross the street with big items easily. All kinds of house wares staged and unattended. Hope they had insurance.

  11. This shitshow is not going to stop or be moved until we organize and march on Ald Tunney's office or do a major public display at a CAPS meeting. He needs a show of force from the residents. Nothing will happen on its own, i.e. it wont occur to them to do anything about it until residents make it clear that WE ARE PISSED.
    If you read the comments on the Second City Cop blog linked above, many are blaming the gay people for this. This disaster is not due to gay people. My guess is the chics dancing on the cop car are not gay, the people who fired the gun shots are not gay, the muggers and thugs are not gay. This parade is giving the LGBT community a bad name.
    Time to organize and end this mess.

    1. Just remember there or all type of people with all types of sexual orientation. Just because were GLBTQ doesn't mean we aren't murderers, gang banger and robbers. It's so funny to me that people think there are no gay bad people. It seems this is mind set of the COH too that they are all good and changeable.

  12. All "media" in Chicago should be truly embarrassed that a blog can have such an extensive summary of crime that occurred but all they can come up with is the talking points from their little leader Sir Rahm.

  13. Thanks for your reporting of what is actually happening in the community. It is nice to know that there are still A LOT of people in the community who care about trying to keep it a nice neighborhood and arent oblivious to what is going on. I am sure that the "official" version of the events that will be brought up at the CAPS meeting will be painting a rosier picture of the events. "Nothing to see here folks, just move along. Hey look, there are some giant French puppets!!! Go look at them."

  14. Has anyone checked on poor, poor Tracy?

    1. I sure hope CWB follows up! When I read about it on the blog I laughed, and yet, felt kind of bad (just for a second).

  15. Next time anyone who participated in the squad car melees calls for police, just remember, they're two cars short. Idiots.

  16. You sensationalize and dramatize the events that happen and do not support them with details.

    "1:30PM (approximate) - Fire department hoses people down at Halsted and Belmont."

    The Fire Department was hosing "down" the people, the were hosing "off" aka cooling off, the fireman was actually smiling and aiming the water above the parade viewers, and having fun with them, he wasn't using the hose a water cannon like you made it sound.

    1. Is this from Sidetrack's PR people?

    2. You underestimate people's intelligence. We're still trying to to find a reference to water cannons in our post. If we wanted to mislead people, we would not have posted the video for them to see it.

    3. CWB, I think Anonymous has a point. By including this within your timeline of events, it could be interpreted as an intervention the fire department was making to keep the crowd in line. The only other events listed in your timeline were incidents. The hose was brought out to keep people cool on a 90+ degree day.

    4. Oh Christ, you must work for the Windy City Times or another Chicago media outlet. Just be thankful everything is being reported on this blog. Who gives a shit if there is a little dramatization added.

    5. The very thing I love and respect about CWB is that they do not dramatize or sensationalize (though I adore the wit and whimsy)! It is what gives them so much credibility. In this case, I do agree with the original poster and am glad that there was some clarification as I also thought the Fire Dept did it to contain disorderly conduct. Kudos, CWB!
      I am beyond grateful for the difficult and time-consuming work you all do. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your neighbors love you.

  17. There are a lot of idiots out there, this isn't Stonewall. Smashing patrol cars is not cool. But seriously, if you live in this neighborhood how is it possible you're stupid enough to try to move out of your apartment on pride day?

  18. If the parade route is not changed, all of the businesses along the route -- especially all of them selling liquor should be required to close and remain closed for a period of time after the parade. The route has not been changed precisely because the business owners in the neighborhood will lose revenue. And if they aren't closed, they should be HEAVILY taxed to provide more security.

    And for those complaining that all of this mayhem and violence is because it's the Pride Parade, and that this doesn't happen nearly as badly at other parades, you might take into consideration the time of year.

    But the good news is that the neighborhood has four weeks to recover before Market Days.

  19. Sidetrack owner Art Johnston was firm that the parade should stay in Lakeview, adding that a shift in venue would ultimately be "the end of the parade."

    Johnston said that the parade plays a critical role in the life of the neighborhood, and that "geography is important" for it to retain its character.

    "Anytime you get a number of people together, there will be some problems," he added. "But the city has done an excellent job, and the organizers, and the 44th and 46th ward aldermen have as well. We have this issue every year, and I don't ever hear any real compelling reasons that it should be moved." from WCT.
    Yep he is only thinking about Sidetrack and his bank account. And he doesn't even live in the neighborhood where the parade is. I bet he would feel different if he wasn't way away in Lincoln Park.

    1. Sidetrack owner Art Johnston and all the other bar owners only have one thing in mind ... $$$$$.
      He said this, right? ""Anytime you get a number of people together, there will be some problems," he added. "But the city has done an excellent job, and the organizers, and the 44th and 46th ward aldermen have as well. We have this issue every year, and I don't ever hear any real compelling reasons that it should be moved." from WCT. -- If so, he is incedibly naive.

    2. Every year he hears the complaints be he can't see any reason to change? He can't see the difference that having more than a million people crammed into the neighborhood and having a couple of hundred thousand in the 90s?

    3. "Johnston said that the parade plays a critical role in the life of the neighborhood, and that "geography is important" for it to retain its character."

      "We have this issue every year, and I don't ever hear any real compelling reasons that it should be moved."

      • The parade has already lost it's "character"

      • I've lived in this neighborhood since before Sidetrack opened, and I have never witnessed "this issue" until recent years. In the past, once the parade ended within an hour there was no trace that it had even gone through the area.

      • When I walked down Halsted at midnight after the parade I saw the neighborhood in "critcal condition." One thing I noticed was a pronounced lack of neighborhood people on that street...maybe the cops with assault weapons kept them away. "life in the neighborhood" looked to be in dire straights from what I saw with my own eyes.

  20. Good lord. How come that rainstorm that flooded my basement last night didn't hit on Sunday night. there is clearly no God.

  21. This is pure entertainment and reads like a script! LOL!!! Gotta love it.

  22. We know who you are Do not reply

    1. We can access your device's camera and look at your moobs.

  23. Please don't have the parade downtown. .very bad idea.

  24. Some the restaurants raised prices and the city should raise the tax rate of bars and restaurants because they are the people that profit from the parade.

    1. What restaurants raised prices? We need to know this so we can (1.,) bitch to their managers/owners, and (2.) know who not to patronize in the future.

  25. Pride Fest is now the weekend before the parade. A perfect set up for moving the parade to Grant Park followed by another festival type event on Hutchinson field. Art gets to sell his booze on Pride Fest weekend and can purchase a booth at the Grant Park wrap up. The neighborhood lives.

  26. Tom Parker's pantsJul 1, 2014, 10:10:00 PM

    On Sunday, I talked to a couple people who have lived in my building for six years. I asked them "If given the opportunity, would they sign a petition to move the parade away from our neighborhood?" They said no, they wouldn't sign it.
    I was shocked because they're straight, aren't big partiers, and very neighborly, quiet, respectful people.
    I think they are a good example of why more public outcry hasn't occurred about the parade and general lawlessness around here. I suspect most people just accept this is "just the way it is" and just go along with the current state of affairs. I often read comments on other neighborhood sites that say the complainers should just move. So, I think that ultimately that is what is happening: people will either move away or they will just stay quiet and not complain about the current state of affairs.

    1. Do they know about the crime blog and what's happening in the 'hood? That might change their minds. May I ask your general vicinity?

    2. The fact of the matter is that 95% of the people in the neighborhood think that everything is fine, much like I would had I never found this blog. The good thing about that is that there are a lot of people who still feel safe and secure and have not been victims in the neighborhood. The bad news is, of course, that growing crime goes ignored.

    3. Tom Parker's pantsJul 2, 2014, 10:27:00 AM

      Anonymous, I emailed every single neighbor to "plug" this website early in its infancy including those mentioned above. I'm careful not to habitually start-up conversations with fellow neighbors about this blog because I don't want to become known as an alarmist or "debbie-downer". But if someone else brings up something safety related, I'm quick to mention it. I live 3-5 buildings off of Halsted on Buckingham.

  27. So how many of you have written to Tunney with your anger and complaints? DO IT NOW

    1. I just wrote to Tunney and it was scathing and DAMN it felt good! I also told him that if he didn't start actually DOING something instead of giving us residents only lip service, not only would I gladly vote for ANYONE running against him, but that I would happily devote as much time as possible to helping support their campaign.

      Now if only SOMEONE would freaking step up to run against this moronic jellyfish. (Whoever called him a jellyfish above or in another post response, thank you, I think it's an awesome characterization. Well spoken.)

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