Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ARSON: Overnight Fires Destroy Cars In Wrigleyville

A series of intentionally-set fires caused significant damage to vehicles along a two-block stretch of Wrigleyville and Boystown overnight. Four vehicles appear to be completely destroyed and at least three others sustained significant damage. No injuries were reported.

This Cadillac (L) was among the cars destroyed overnight.
The first sign of trouble came at 2:17 this morning when officers assigned to the Clark Street "entertainment detail" found a mattress on fire behind the Red Ivy bar, 3525 N Clark. It was quickly extinguished.

Two hours later, the real problems started: A rubbish fire in the alley behind the 3400 blocks of Clark and Sheffield; multiple cars on fire behind 3514 N. Wilton—with flames reaching as high as the overhead L tracks; another car on fire against a residence further north in the 3500 block of Wilton; and a
porch smoldering a couple of homes north of that.

Bomb and Arson investigators arrived to begin their investigation around 7:30AM.

This mattress fire behind Red Ivy sports bar on Clark Street
was the first sign of trouble overnight.