Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AND AGAIN: Robbery Victim, Bleeding From The Head, Found In The Middle Of Belmont

Sandwiches at the Belmont Avenue Potbelly are so good, this line
began to form at 1:30 Monday morning—a full 9 hours before it opened.
UPDATE JUNE 20: Two arrests have been made and one suspect remains at large in the beating and robbery.


The unadulterated bullshit that consumes Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Seminary continued unabated overnight, culminating in the discovery of a robbery victim lying in the street under the Belmont L tracks.

But no one has been taken to the edge of death yet, so the city will continue its annual abandonment of the street for now.

Among the 911 calls received from that short stretch of street overnight were:

  • 1:12AM - 900 block of Belmont. 25+ people having a "party" in the street.
  • 3:07AM - 900 block of Belmont. Group of loiterers blocking a business.
  • 3:51AM - Gang disturbance. 30 men involved. Belmont and Sheffield.
  • 4:19AM - Disturbance 900 block of Belmont. 

Then, at 4:20AM, a police department prisoner transfer officer found a robbery victim down, bleeding from the head in the middle of Belmont under the L tracks. The 34-year-old man was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. CPD case HX306826.


Want to see a circus? Go to a CAPS meeting and ask the people at the front of the room who you need to contact in order to get proper police coverage brought back to our area. You will be met with a table of blank stares and non-answers.

Nobody wants to name names. As recently as yesterday, Alderman Tom Tunney—who has mastered the art of staring blankly into space when troubling questions are asked—ignored a version of the "who should I contact" question on his Facebook page.

Don't worry, the alderman says, he knows Belmont and Sheffield is a problem spot, he's asking conveniently-unnamed people to fix that.

Come on, Tom. Who can we contact?

Burglary Beat

• 700 block of Irving Park Road. Unlawful entry reported at 10PM Sunday.
• 600 block of Roscoe. Forcible entry. Reported at 11:30AM Monday.
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  1. Looks like the Belmont el stop is a "destination" for thugs who wouldn't--and couldn't--loiter that way in their own more dangerous neighborhoods. From the way it's been described on this site, it appears that Boystown has become the nightly congregating spot for these groups of rowdy youth who arrive on the train or as car passengers and with no money or intent of patronizing businesses, bars, or restaurants. Instead, they hang out while blocking the sidewalks and intimidating, robbing, and battering neighborhood residents peacefully going about their business.

    1. Belmont ave is the Times square of chicago back in the day. No police presence, gang members, tranny hookers, johns, drug dealers. And now the criminals are so bold even with cameras they will beat and rob you. How about this have the vice unit working belmont ave all summer long???
      I can't see any other area that needs it more then Belmont

    2. That's because there is such a great police presence on Michigan Ave that the thugs just realized that they need to stay on 3-4 more Red Line stops to find a target rich environment that is police free.

    3. LOL. True, Belmont is a shit-hole. I'm sure little spineless Tommie Tunney is "looking into it."

    4. billyjoe, I haven't seen any of your comments on any of the local neighborhood sites in a while....but as usual you're spot on. Belmont has been bad and getting worse for at least 5 or so years now. Unfortunately the LGBT community make generally easy targets, especially during the wee hours when they've been drinking. You'll notice this bullshit doesn't occur much in Wrigleyville....the bros that populate the area aren't about to get rolled by some crackhead in a dollar store wig.

  2. Nope to the Vice unit! Cause you know what they're doing all summer long? Busting sexworkers behind closed doors who you'd never even know were sexworkers and who are having consensual sex for dollars. CPD cannot be bothered with real crime or violent crime when there are sexworkers to bust in downtown hotels. Easy targets, those women are.

  3. Was just talking to a guy that lived in Chicago in the 80s. He said if there were more than 3 of his friends hanging out on the street, they'd be questioned by the cops. Must've been a nicer/safer place back then.

  4. I live just south of Belmont between Halsted and Seminary and walk to/from the El stop every day and have never had any issues. Not saying they don't need more police presence, especially right at the station, but I personally have not had any problems.

    1. Do you walk home between 1 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.?
      I come home from work on the Red Line to Belmont between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. sometimes and you dont want to be on the street there.
      It's been bad for years. Where have you been?

    2. I concider the reduction of police officers and the corresponding increase in crime to be blantent discrimination. Rahm talks big about LGBT rights, but the fact of the matter is he don't give a shit about us. We will remember, Rahm and Tommy.

  5. Lettersforthemayor@cityofchicago.org

    Have at it.

  6. I have to walk that stretch of neigborhood to get home from work every night when I get off the el... not a great feeling but it sucks that a good neighborhood has a crap spot like that.