Friday, June 06, 2014

ALL APOLOGIES: "Grunge Rocker" May Be Off The Streets

The dreadlocked man who has been causing more than his share of trouble near Clark and Diversey this week appears to have been located.

Shortly after 8 o'clock this morning, several 911 callers alerted police to a man who was hitting car windows with a baseball bat near Clark and Diversey.

Officers caught up with the guy, described as a white man with "separate pony tails," moments later near the Best Buy store at Clark and Drummond, about a block from the SRO "hotel" where the dreadlocked man was last seen. He has been taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for an evaluation.

The man is believed to be the same individual who stole (and tried to steal) tip jars from businesses around Clark and Diversey last weekend.

Early Tuesday morning, a similarly-described man threw hot coffee on the security guard at a nearby Walgreens. Later that day, he ripped signage from the front of a bar on Broadway.
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  1. Is there a mugshot available for this guy? I saw someone who fits this description 3 different times on the same day last week wandering around the neighborhood (he even held the door for me at the Wellington brown line stop). This was a few days before the events were reported on CWB. I am very curious to see if this is the same guy.

    1. At this point, the man involved in today's incident has not been arrested per se. He is undergoing an evaluation at Illinois Masonic.

  2. That SRO in Clark is a haven for convicts, drug addicts and mentally ill folks. I once saw a box spring being thrown out from there literally crawling with bed bugs. I mean there were thousands of them.