Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ABRACADABRA: Crime Stats Won't Include Wrigleyville "Shots Fired" Incident

Multiple callers reported the shots. Officers found the shell casings and the people who were targeted.

But there is no police report for the May 25th shots fired incident across from Wrigley Field.

And the shooting will not be counted in the police department's crime statistics because if there is no police report, the crime does not count.

A police source has informed us that the victims in the incident—8 people in a van that officers stopped on School Street—included at least two admitted Latin Kings from Little Village.

Police do not known who the shooter was or what drew the victims to our neighborhood

The clock tower at 3600 Recreation Drive and the area around Montrose Beach are popular hangouts for gangbangers.
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  1. Heres what we do know, and what the Police know....Armed gang bangers ride around here in the wee hours, mostly targeting each other. Citizens are targeted by muggers.

    1. Why do the gang bangers ride around here to target each other? Wouldn't it be "more efficient" for them to ride around in their own gang areas? Pretty scary that they feel the need to come here to do their shooting. Geez.

      A friend is moving to Texas....maybe I should join her. But really....I love Chicago and I don't want to lose our city and neighborhoods to the thugs.

      Do you know why the gang bangers come here? I'm curious. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Because people shoot back in their neighborhood.

    3. Because they can. Wrigleyville and Boystown are target rich environments with a lot of people to rob and steal from.

  2. Our Alderman has repeatedly declared that "everyone is welcome in Lakeview." So if I were a gangbanger, I would think, "OK, great...that's the place to be."

  3. This is great! I mean it! Why not invite all the gang bangers to just meet at the clock tower and then shoot each other. Police can come in after and put it all on one report, plus my neighborhood is safe for the night... Win win!

  4. The gangs are coming to the neighborhood to rob and steal. They are fighting each other over who gets to "claim" our neighborhood as their hunting ground.

  5. Back in 2002, the gangbangers all hung out at the belmont yacht club parking lot. it was a mess there. bernie hansen got involved (i'm not sure to what level, but i was in his office when he made some calls to various police admins) and the lot was gated (as it remains). the clock tower lots (near the lake) have a gate, but from my home overlooking the park i watch people simply drive on the grass to get around them after the park is closed at 11. the recreation drive "parking lot" along the tennis courts is like a concert parking lot on weekends. the cops do come by and spotlight everyone, but it doesn't stick. lots of loud rap music at night, lots of busted bottles in the morning. i imagine i should (as is so often recommended) just "get over it" because i live in a city and cities are supposed to be unpleasant sh*tholes where we just put up with whatever kind of crummy behavior anyone cares to demonstrate, as if that's the definition of "urban living". screw that. not here. i pick up garbage in that park, i throw away the glass shards, i call the cops when things seem more detroit than chicago. i've lived here my whole life and the lowlifes can't set the standards for what defines Chicago. because if they set the standards, then there really aren't any standards anymore. that's not how i live my life, nor do my neighbors. if some subset wants to act like "chicago living" is thoughtless, disrespectful, and ugly, then screw them. i don't give them license to do that here and it seems like 90% of the lakeview population feels the same way. i'll call the cops, i'll call it like it is when i see someone disrespecting people and property, and i'll even clean up the junk they leave because you do that for children - even if the children are adults. there are so many great people in this city and neighborhood. and our actions are the counterweight that keeps us from tipping into a city we would't be proud of. (<-- of topic rant. but i believe it all:) ).

  6. This web site is our road to take it back.