Sunday, May 04, 2014

WHOOPSIE DAISY: Boystown Robbery Foiled When Victim Fights Back

Two would-be robbers scurried away empty-handed this morning after a Boystown resident fought back upon realizing that their firearm was actually a BB gun.

The offenders approached the man in his garage between Buckingham and Roscoe, just east of Halsted at 12:05AM and attempted to rob or carjack him.

After the victim got a good look at the black plastic pistol, though, the fight was on and both bandits fled east toward Halsted Street, police say.

The offenders are described as two black males in their late teens or early 20's. One was about 6-feet tall with a medium build, wearing a gray and red hoodie. The other was 5'8" tall, 150 pounds, and wore a dark hoodie with dark pants. They have not been located.

This case number is HX247595.

Rookie Mistake

Another robbery attempt fell flat in the nearby Buena Park neighborhood yesterday morning. In that case, a woman captured and detained the offender who tried to steal her phone. That feat was made a bit easier by the fact that the robber is only 11 years old. He was taken to the station for processing.
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  1. The parents of the 11 year old should also be taken to jail for processing for allowing their kid to do this!

  2. it doesnt take much a glance ot see if the muzzle of the weapon is a teeny, tiny little hole, THATS what tells you its a BB gun, the skidmarks are full of shit and all you have to do is look like you are making a move to swing at them and pussies that they are, they will leave you in the dust.

  3. I wish more people would kick the shit out of these useless thugs.

  4. It's dangerous to fight back. Although it's great to hear these stories.

  5. Agree that it is dangerous to fight back, but I think it would more dangerous not to if they have entry into your home thru your garage. My hats off to both victims.

  6. Call the office of Alderman Tom Tunney and tell them I demand more police. We are living in a danger zone. Enough.

    1. But ... but .... but .... you're just one person .....