Monday, May 19, 2014

WEEKEND RECAP: 2 Robbed, 2 Tazed

Can't beat that for a great weekend, huh? Here's a recap of what went down while we soaked up the sun:
• Two robberies were reported in the immediate area. Police arrested the offender who robbed a 7-Eleven and one of its customers Saturday night in the 1100 block of Belmont. But the two men who robbed a victim early Saturday morning in the Southport area managed to get away.
• On the burglary scene, a Wrigleyville resident was awakened at 2:30AM Saturday by two ski mask-wearing burglars who were in his living room. Earlier in the week, a man arrested during an attempted burglary in the area two months ago pleaded guilty to 3 break-ins and received a 9-year prison sentence.
• Two men who refused to comply with police in separate incidents this weekend wound up on the wrong end of Tasers
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