Sunday, May 25, 2014

UPDATED: Shots Fired Near Wrigley Field Early Sunday

Yep. Right around there.
Updated info regarding a bonafide case of shots fired near the 7-Eleven store across from Wrigley Field early Sunday morning:
• There were no serious injuries.
• Multiple callers heard a burst of gunfire, with most saying they heard 5 shots. It is not known if the shooters were on foot or in a vehicle.
• Another witness reportedly pointed out shell casings to officers near the 7-Eleven parking lot.
• Witnesses near the intersection of Addison and Sheffield were able to point police to a white panel van that was leaving the scene. Officers launched an immediate response, which benefited from having nearly half of the district's beat officers working the Wrigleyville bar strip.
• Officers pulled the van over at Clifton and School less than 2 minutes after the 911 calls were received.
• The van turned out to be occupied by the victims, not the shooters. 8 persons were in the van, with most hailing from South Lawndale/Little Village. Two of the eight are self-admitted Latin Kings.
On May 11, a man was struck in the eye by a ricochetting bullet as he stood outside of a bar at Addison and Ashland. Those shots rang out when rival gangs clashed at a nearby memorial service. As of last week, no arrests had been made in the case.

The last known bonafide case of shots being fired within Wrigleyville and Boystown was on April 21, 2013. A man was shot in that incident, which occurred in an area adjacent to the same 7-Eleven store. The creatively-tattooed Marcus E. Harris remains in Cook County jail in lieu of $900,000 bond in connection with that case.

Updated May 28: Added gang affiliation info.
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  1. Alderman Tunney would like to make sure the rooftop owners are OK? As long as that is the case, then there is nothing to see here. Move along please.

  2. That's right. Remember that video that went internationally viral where he said he would be "all up in everyone's butt" if anything went wrong? LOL.

  3. I saw nothing on any of the television stations about this. The media is just as guilty for not reporting the dangers happening here. Citizens are going into all of this completely unaware of what violence may await them. It's disgusting!

  4. Do you think Ricketts is part of the reason the media is suppressed? I had hoped that the clout of the Ricketts family would demand more police protection for their clients - the folks attending Cubs games. But now I'm beginning to think that they are part of the problem....that they are using their clout to hush up the media, and not report all the crime & mayhem occurring outside their gates.

    Seems there are no true journalists left in the city. You would think this would be a huge, scandalous story....instead they report nothing.