Thursday, May 22, 2014

OH, BELMONT: Man Down, People Stop To Empty His Pockets, Take Pix

Big Stick Combat
Oh, yeah. The "street life" is definitely returning to the neighborhood. Thursday morning reports:

12:46AM — Battery in progress 3207 Clark, 10 people fist fighting.

1:24AM — Battery in progress, 700 block of Roscoe. Large fight in back.

1:34AM — Battery in progress. Belmont and Sheffield. Multiple calls of five people using a golf club to beat a woman.

1:44AM — Battery in progress. 800 block of Roscoe. People fist fighting in alley.

3:31AM — Battery in progress. 906 Belmont. Two men fighting in front.

4:32AM — 905 Belmont. A man is unconscious and bleeding. People have gone through his pockets. Other people are now on-scene taking pictures of him lying on the sidewalk. Ambulance on the way.
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