Thursday, May 22, 2014

STUPID: Man Breaks Into Car, Leaves License Behind; And Other Oddities

They say you can't fix stupid. If so, there's a lot of broken stupid walking around here:

5:52AM Thursday
Police are asked to check on a man slumped over the wheel of a purple car at Sheffield and Roscoe. The car has one additional occupant and a window is broken out. Officers arrive, run a computer check on the plate and an occupant, then leave the scene.

Two hours later, a woman calls 911 because her purple car has has had its window broken out and contents stolen at Sheffield and Roscoe. The offender left his driver's license and "other stuff" behind.

Logged as a theft in CPD case HX271611.

12:49PM Wednesday
In Uptown, a woman walks up to officers and says she was just robbed at gunpoint near Broadway and Wilson by a man who escaped in a white Chrysler 300. She gives officers the vehicle's license plate, which comes back to a white Chrysler 4-door. The offender got away with $60, the woman says.

About 20 minutes later, the woman who claimed that she got robbed at gunpoint is arrested for "stealing a bunch of stuff" from a nearby Family Dollar store.

1:26PM Wednesday
A woman calls 911 from the Belmont CTA station. She claims that she was "shot in the head twice by snipers 15 minutes ago" and when she tried to leave the area on a train, Ventra charged her $6 for a $2.25 ride.
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  1. I knew I wasn't the only one who was shot by the infamous "Belmont Sniper." That dude/lady-dude shoots me at least four times whenever I'm at the station. The police department's continued ambivalence toward the sniper is appalling. Yet, when I bring my own sniper rifle to the station and try and to take out the sniper, I get 15+ years in prison. WTF Rahm!

  2. They let the offender go at sheffield and roscoe??
    Are you kidding me??
    What is going on??

    1. The vehicle occupant was not yet an offender as the break-in was was reported by the owner for another two hours.
      So if the police actually follow-up on the incident, all they'll be able to cite the vehicle occupants with is Criminal Trespass to Vehicle.

    2. That's a lazy officer's way of looking at it. If you are an officer who does real work, you would have exerted a little more effort at the outset.