Sunday, May 18, 2014

SHOCK THE FLUNKIES: 2 Morons Tazed Since Friday; The Drunken Weekend Tick-Tock

Two idiots who failed to comply with police officers have been tazed in the area since Friday morning. Those incidents are part of our weekend tick tock:


4:10AM — A resident reports an unknown white man trying to break in the back door of his house in the 3100 block of Kenmore. Officers arrive and engage the offender in a brief foot chase that ends with the man being tazed. An ambulance treats his probe wounds and the man is eventually charged with reckless conduct in CPD case HX263506


12:43AM — Four women fighting on the street at Halsted and Cornelia.

1:34AM — 19-year-old cut in knife attack at Lincoln and Montana.

1:51AM — Man reports that a black female and a white male just tried to rob him at Halsted and Diversey.

1:58AM — The police department's Clark Street "entertainment" detail breaks up a fight outside of Dimo's Pizza, 3463 N. Clark.

2:33AM — A man wakes up to discover two men wearing ski masks burglarizing his apartment in the 3400 block of Seminary.

4:30AM — A man is strong-arm robbed near Roscoe and Lakewood.

7:00PM — Four 18- to 20-year-old men are verbally threatening the staff at Circle K, 801 W. Addison. They are last seen walking "toward the Center on Halsted," according to officers.

7:56PM — Fight at Clark and Newport.

8:38PM — Officers on patrol report that "they’re fighting in front of Stretch" bar, 3485 N. Clark.

9:22PM — A non-compliant battery offender is tazed on the sidewalk near Stretch Bar. One officer suffers minor injuries. The offender is taken to Thorek hospital to have those pesky Taser probes removed.

11:03PM — An "elderly caller" from the 3600 block of Wayne reports that a 35-year-old Hispanic man wearing a black cowboy hat, black shirt, and jeans battered him and threatened to come back and kill him. Recorded as a battery in case HX265909

11:46PM — A robber claims to have a weapon and robs a 7-Eleven store and one of its customers at 1153 W Belmont. Arrest made.


1:22AM — Officers on the Clark Street detail make a street stop and discover that the man they've encountered is wanted for burglary. Arrest made.

1:36AM — Battery just occurred at John Barleycorn, 3524 N Clark. Participants who initially asked to press charges change their mind. No report.

2:41AM — Officers encounter a woman who has been hit in the head and is bleeding from her left temple outside of Irish Oak bar, 3511 N Clark.

2:43AM — Officers, worried that vehicles will run over people who are flooding Clark Street in Wrigleyville, begin to hold up traffic. They are ordered to let traffic continue to flow in order to prevent the drunken crowd from "taking over the street."

2:55AM — A man is down in the street outside of Old Crow Smokehouse. He cannot move. Ambulance scoops him up.

3:07AM — Steamworks bathhouse reports 6 to 7 men standing outside of their doors harassing customers and passers-by. They're dispersed.

3:21AM — Officers on Clark Street make a driver pull over for suspected DUI. While they're dealing with that, another car pulls along side and officers suspect that driver is drunk, too. He's pulled over. Both motorists are taken in for DUI investigations.

3:24AM — Ambulance transports a bloody battery victim from Waveland and Sheffield to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Battery report taken.

4:03AM — A bar manager reports that a white man with dark hair has just spray painted a bunch of windows in the 3700 block of Halsted.

4:08AM — An intoxicated caller says four men have surrounded him at Belmont and Sheffield and are trying to force him to withdraw money from an ATM.

5:30AM — 19th district runs out of police officers and enters "Radio Assignments Pending" status. Calls waiting for officers to become available include a man who has been bitten by a complete stranger and a fight in progress in the 800 block of Cornelia.

6:11AM - Radio Assignments Pending status ends.

6:40AM — CTA reports that a passenger had their phone snatched on a train as it headed into the Belmont station. 18th district officers stop four possible offenders at Rush and State. The victim is driven to that location, but they're not the right guys. Victim is given a ride to the Red Line station at Grand to continue their commute. No report appears to have been filed.

7:00AM — That guy who got bitten has been transported to St. Joseph's Hospital and is still interested in seeing a police officer if one happens to have become available. Officer responds and reports that the victim has "some stitches and a big black eye." Offenders are described as "two male whites" last seen in the 600 block of Arlington about two hours ago. Battery report #HX266212.

…And finally…

Thursday, 4:10PM — An adult toy store in the 3400 block of Halsted calls 911 to report that a man is in the shop smelling underwear.
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  1. "the man is eventually charged with reckless conduct in CPD case HX263506"

    What the hell?! That should be attempted burglary. Another "downgrade" of a crime to make the numbers look better...

    1. Sounds like he may have been entering the wrong house, then recklessly failed to obey officers who tried to stop him for questioning.

    2. Kevin unless you were there (I was) then please do not push your conspiracy theory. Guy was drunk and at wrong house, for whatever reason he ran when confronted by the police and wound up being tasered. No way to charge "attempted burglary" by any reading of the statute.

  2. Any possibility the city would add a surcharge of $1.00 to every alcoholic drink to fund hiring additional police to handle the sorry assed drunks that plague our streets each weekend.

    1. I'd guess that every drink is already taxed at least that much by the city.

  3. What is really clear about this post is the continuing trend of crime spreading out from just Wrigleyville and Boystown into other areas of Lakeview and Lincoln Park.

    As well, there seems to be another trend I am noticing. There now appear to be three distinct types of perps. Of course there will always be the "drunk out of their mind" crowd in Wrigleyville. And then there are those so much commented about over the past year...people who use the Redline to come into the area, cross dressers, and the COH kids.

    But a close read of this post seems to suggest that the reported perps are a much more varied crowd...and that doesn't bode well for the North Side.

    1. They arrive by the carload to hang out on Halsted Street and have been for about 4 years now.

    2. Too late for Chicago, but a tip for any other city looking to be soooo p.c. with their social services...go TO the problem, don't bring them to you. Common sense.

    3. The thugs are well aware that Rahm has decided to move the majority of police to the west and south sides at the request of his rubber stamp aldermen in those communities. So it's easier to commit crime on the north side as these people work, have money and cell phones and do not carry a gun. So the citizens are low hanging fruit and they know if they get caught, the enabling democratic justice system especially Toni Preckwinkle will justify their bad behavior and give them probation.

    4. Agreed with West loop realist. It is well known by criminals on the south and west sides that taking the red line to Belmont and/or Addison is a lucrative endeavor with far less risk involved than committing crime in their own areas. I still think it is going to take rapes and murders in our area to attract any significant amount of attention necessary for the politicians to feel the need to do anything.

    5. The Riz: We've already had rapes and a murder! I wish the mainstream news would talk about this and SHAME the mayor and McCarthy into doing something to curb the crime.

      I swear, I think they won't be happy until every neighborhood in the city is a cesspool like Englewood.

    6. Where have you been?...we had a rape in broad daylight and everyone except the cops things Jacob K. was murdered. I lived in Boystown a long time...prior to the shithole on halsted and the Crib and all the other dumps, there was zero crime

    7. There were some great dump bars in the 80's and 90's in boys town. Clean safe bars that caused no problems. Times sure have changed. Where is the law enforcement manpower?