Friday, May 02, 2014

ROUND UP: Carjacking At Nearby Wendy's; Wandering Groups Of "Youth" Thaw Out; Some (Very) Hot Yoga

The Wendy's at Western and Addison. (Yelp!)
A man armed with a handgun carjacked a woman's 2008 black Ford Edge at a the Wendy's restaurant on Western and Addison this morning. It is not clear if the restaurant was also robbed.

The offender is described as male, black, 30- to 40-years old, 6-feet tall, 180 pounds, wearing a baseball cap and a Dodgers baseball jacket.

The stolen car has a cracked rear taillight and minor damage to the rear driver's side

Classified initially as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HX245175.

The Gradual Return To Summer

Halsted Street this morning...

1:12AM — Three calls of 9 to 12 people fighting at Buckingham and Halsted. Officers report that the parties went their separate ways.

4:36AM — Battery in progress. Group of people fighting in the street at Halsted and Newport.

4:42AM - A 16-year-old boy who lives in Back of The Yards walks into the 19th district police station to report that he had been jumped on at Halsted and Newport by seven people and his phone was taken by a "man dressed as a woman." He knew that man's name. The incident turned out to be less of a robbery and more of a cluster with the 16-year-old so-called victim being driven to his South Side home by police, where they should have arrested his parents. (Our opinion on that last part.)

A Cry For Yelp!

Or not.
It's not often that we see police activity reports in Yelp! reviews. Today, we did:
Yoga For The People
1057 W. Belmont
We should be able to give zero starts to closed businesses....
I went to 5:45 Yoga class today and was waiting outside in the cold when I arrived 10 minutes early and found the door locked.  I tried to peer in the windows, but the curtains were drawn.  I knocked loudly and was about to leave when a Chicago PD - bullet proof vest, gun on leg, badge and everything came to the door.  I figured it wasn't good!
Turns out that the owner never paid his rent and there was an eviction today (May 1, 2014)... and in the words of the nice police man "it didn't go well".  
I tried to stand by the studio even when there was turnover and problems... I didn't personally have problems and was just looking for a place to get a good workout.  Likely the rumors are true - the teachers probably weren't paid and the owner definitely didn't pay rent.
A few hours after Elise's one-star experience, police responded to an assault in progress at the studio. A security guard said that a man who was evicted had come back and was "fighting with security." One arrest.
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