Sunday, May 04, 2014

LIGHTER SIDE: Some Of The Week's Less-Serious Stuff

"The mayor's got clout and I don't."
ABC7 is pumping up an "I-Team" report for tomorrow night that will detail all of the red light camera and speed camera tickets that have been racked up by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's police-driven SUVs. (Boy, the TV promo has some very serious music for a story about traffic violations!)

Fun little story. We decided to get a personal preview, so we dug out one of the mayoral license plate numbers and typed it into the city's ticket database.

It turns out that the city issued a warning last May that "any vehicle registered [to the police department] may already be eligible for seizure" due to unpaid fines generated by just one of the two mayoral SUVs.

What a hoot. At any rate, if you want to watch videos of the mayor's mini-motorcade blowing through red lights, go to the city's red light camera siteQuicktime required—and type in any of these ticket numbers:
For license plate, enter L891439. We don't have the plate on the other SUV. Gonna have to tune in to Channel 7 for that. One of CWB's intrepid readers has shared the other SUV's license plate and a list of its ticket violations. That info is in the comments section of this post.

Spring Plantings

4:07AM Today
OFFICER: Can we get an ambulance for this guy over here? I think he thinks he's a tree.
OFFICER2: What kind of tree?
OFFICER: A drunk tree.
OFFICER2: Does the tree have nuts?
OFFICER3: Why don't you ask him to leave?

Understatement of The Week

7:30AM Tuesday - Officers are asked to accompany an ambulance crew inside a popular Halsted Street bathhouse where a customer was said to have suffered a seizure.
OFFICER: Uh. I need another car. We’re all the way in the back. Hey. They don’t really let the police in here, so be sure he asks the staff to let them in.
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  1. I'm sure Prince Rahm will declare that he's never seen the mayoral SUVs when asked about them on Monday, just like he's never seen his Chicagoland puffumentary.

  2. what a shitbag.

  3. omg - "the mayor's got clout and i don't." that made me out loud when i saw the commercial, love that it's the caption.

  4. P571851 for the other plate

  5. Click on the Ticket Status for additional information about your ticket(s).

    Check To Pay Ticket Number Violation Description License Plate State Issue Date Ticket Amount Click Below For
    Ticket Status
    Ineligible Ticket 7004749687 Red light violation P571851 IL 6/7/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7004855979 Red light violation P571851 IL 7/29/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7004898652 Red light violation P571851 IL 8/19/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7004912750 Red light violation P571851 IL 8/26/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    9184478464 Parking/standing prohibited anytime P571851 IL 9/24/2013 $150.00 Notice of Seizure
    Ineligible Ticket 7005002756 Red light violation P571851 IL 10/14/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    9184705106 Parking/standing prohibited anytime P571851 IL 11/17/2013 $150.00 Notice of Seizure
    Ineligible Ticket 7005064353 Red light violation P571851 IL 11/25/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7005090869 Red light violation P571851 IL 12/18/2013 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 6040797915 Speed warning P571851 IL 2/2/2014 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7005560270 Red light violation P571851 IL 3/10/2014 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 6040997404 Speed warning P571851 IL 3/11/2014 $0.00 Dismissed
    Ineligible Ticket 7005565511 Red light violation P571851 IL 3/14/2014 $0.00 Dismissed

  6. Dick-tator?

    We only are treated as poorly as we allow. What will it take for us to say enough?