Monday, May 12, 2014

KLEPACZ CASE: Cops Offer Nothing At Community Meeting; "Extremely Concerning"

Friends and family of Jacob Klepacz distributed
this flier on Saturday. A PDF of the flyer is
available on our Google Drive.
UPDATE: DNAInfo Chicago has a report on the CAPS meeting.
The police department offered an update on the investigation into the death of Jacob Klepacz, who died after being found with severe head trauma at 1530 W. Fullerton late last month. Klepacz had been drinking at Wrigleyville's Dugout Sports Bar with three men he reportedly met on the Red Line the night he died. One of those men later called 911 to report that Jacob had been "jumped on."

According to a post on Everyblock, though, tonight's CAPS meeting "update" was not encouraging:
...Jessica Jones of CPD offered absolutely no new details regarding Jacob's investigation other than they have some leads; nothing further was disclosed. While I understand the sensitivity of an on-going investigation, it's extremely concerning that justice has yet to be served in this case. Unless pressure is continuously placed on elected officials and CPD, nothing gets done, and we as concerned citizens continue to be victimized.
A couple of days after Klepacz's death, the alderman for the area where he was found put uneasy minds to rest in an email stating "this was not a random attack…the victim met up with the possible offenders elsewhere in the City before coming to the Fullerton location."

As another Everyblock reader points out, that claim is looking strained:
...We all have to question now the alderman's two week old statement that this was not random and the victim met the offenders elsewhere. If that were the case, this would have been mopped up days ago. I think its looking very random and they are trying to down play the incident.
We have uploaded a PDF of the information flyer that Klepacz' friends and family distributed in Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park on Saturday. Feel free to print out some copies for posting.
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  1. This case is still recorded as a death investigation. It has yet to be even classified as a murder. And you wonder why the investigation is lacking? The police don't even think Jacob was murdered. That's the real crime.

  2. Let the cops do their job and stay out of it. This was both bizarre and NOT random. You have more important things to worry about in Lakeview, most likely your own front porch.

    1. Stay out of it? How stupid can you be?

  3. What is the clearance rate for murders in Chicago? Around 20% (IIRC, from Second City Cop)? I'm never hopeful that the police will solve any crime - they are too overwhelmed. Yes, we need to continue with the pressure, but we need to be realistic that his murder probably won't be solved. I hope that I'm wrong, though.

    And btw... what prompted the alderbum to give the statement he did?

    1. "Alderbum"- I am getting increasingly tired of the name calling by people on this site. We have a major issue all over the North Side, and I regret to tell the original poster that not a damn thing will be accomplished to solve the problem by juvenile name calling.

      If you think you can do better, run for the job next Spring.

    2. We highly recommend following or visiting "Don't Read Comments" on Twitter. We do.

  4. I haven't heard one PEEP about this case on the news. If it wasn't for this website, I would not have heard about this horrible crime.

    My prayers are with Jacob's family and friends. Truly terrible.

  5. I am one who actually is hopeful that it will be solved since they have interviewed one of the guys he drank with that night at Dugout. That guy called the police and at least knows who the other two guys are...and I'd think there'd be some surveillance footage of them somewhere. They might try to rat each other out to get off themselves.
    I think (and hope) it's just gonna take a bit more time to lock it down to make sure they get a conviction. Continued pressure from the community s important, too. My prayers go out to Jacob's family and friends.

  6. To the person allergic to "name calling", if it were a simple case of incompetence civility would be called for. In actuality the alderCreature and other like minded delusionals actively importing problems till the neighborhood to increase "diversity", or something.

    This despite large numbers of police being siphoned off to put a dent in the mayor's murder headlines.

    Civility? F that, too much is at stake.

  7. As a close friend of Jacobs I am very hopeful that this case is solved. We will continue to put pressure on the police and we wont give up on this as Jacob would not have given up on any of us. The case has been on the news, channel 2, 5, 7 and 9. Channel 5 has had the best coverage. They were all out there with us when we were passing out flyers. Please keep sharing the story it might lead to something, you never know. Thank you.

  8. I was just wondering if you had an update on this case. Felt like this was the most comprehensive site about this murder.

    1. We are putting something together for Monday.