Thursday, May 01, 2014

JACKRABBIT JUVIES: Burglars Busted In Boystown

Sea Coast Mazda
Two underage burglars were caught after a short foot chase across the Halsted Strip in Boystown last night.

Police responding to a burglar alarm in the 800 block of Buckingham around 9:30 saw two suspects fleeing through the alley between Buckingham and Roscoe. One was taken in to custody in the alley, but the other decided to make a run for it, heading east and  crossing Halsted near Nookies Tree with an officer hot on his tail. The chase ended quickly thereafter.

At least one of the offenders is a juvenile who lives near Halsted and Grace.

The forcible entry burglary is recorded in CPD case HX243653

Other burglaries

• 1000 block of Oakdale. Forcible entry. Reported Wednesday evening. HX243594
• 3700 block of Wilton. Unlawful entry. Reported Tuesday evening. HX242100

Moving Day

A CWB reader and her neighbors fell victim to a couple of thieves who took advantage of lazy moving day practices. "The movers taped open the front gate all day Sunday and someone came in and took all the bikes from our laundry room / bike storage," in a courtyard building near Addison and Broadway.
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