Sunday, May 18, 2014

ISN'T THAT CONVENIENT?: Store And Customer Robbed; Offender Arrested

The 7-Eleven store at Belmont and Racine 
as seen on Google Street View.
A beautifully-detailed 911 call and good police work led to the arrest of a man who implied that he had a weapon as he robbed a local 7-Eleven store and one of its customers shortly before midnight.

Police were called to the convenience store at 1153 W Belmont at 11:46PM Saturday after a clerk called 911 to report that the offender fled with the contents of the cash register as well as a customer's wallet.

Witnesses were able to provide an accurate description and license plate number of the get-away car, which is registered to a woman in south suburban Dolton.

Officers on patrol located the vehicle and detained the male occupant at Diversey and Ravenswood less than 10 minutes after the robberies.

The offender—described as male, black, 30 years old, 6-feet tall, 230 pounds wearing a white sweatshirt—was positively identified and taken into custody.

Recorded as an aggravated robbery in CPD case HX265938.
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  1. Great work by all involved in catching this person!

  2. Our good 019 Police inspite of being hamstrung by short staffing !

  3. Reader poll: Which is the most crime-riddled 7-Eleven in our neighborhood:
    A) Belmont & Racine
    B) Addison & Sheffield
    C) Broadway & Waveland
    D) Halsted & Roscoe

    1. Reading this blog, I'd say "D." Although I imagine "C" is not too far behind...

    2. Definitely D.

      C does not have a front parking lot. Not too much space to loiter there.

    3. D and after Pride Fest a rating of D- in deed. Film baby film.

  4. Innocent until proven guilty!!!!!!!!!!!