Friday, May 16, 2014

HELLMONT REVISITED: Two People Robbed On Halsted During Last Week's Mayhem

New information reveals that the stupidity that culminated in five people being arrested in a "huge" brawl at the Belmont CTA station early last Friday morning was even stupider than we realized.

CWB has learned that at least two people were robbed on Halsted Street as the summer-like antics peaked between 1AM and 2AM.

One victim was robbed in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven at Roscoe and Halsted around 1 o'clock. That incident appears to have been reported to police by at least five 911 callers who saw a large group "fighting" in the lot. As is often the case, incidents that look like fights to passers-by are often robberies in progress. Case HX254580

The second victim was strong-arm robbed near the CTA bus turn-around at Belmont and Halsted around 1:30AM. Case HX254297
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  1. Speaking of halsted, it looks like the "senior center' in the old police station is nearly ready for occupancy. i tried to find out who our new neighbors would be, and found the blurb below on tunny's site. 55 and older (a good thing in general). But who really gets "selected" to live in this, and what are the criteria they're using? I notice that it says "without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status". Huh? So who runs this, and is this subsidized by public or private funds (or both)? Is this another "crib" for whoever feels like wandering in, as long as they are over 55?

    "This is historic for the city of Chicago and the entire Midwest," said Alderman Tunney. "This facility will be one of the first in the nation and it is dedicated to meeting the needs of the LGBT community. This will be a destination where our seniors can have a safe and accepting environment to live their lives with pride and confidence. "Housing at the 3600 N. Halsted development will be open to all seniors 55 and older who qualify for the voucher program. All housing decisions at the property will be made in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status. This project which has been years in the making is slated to begin construction in by the end of the year with occupancy expected to open in fall 2014. - See more at:

  2. It will just be another Hotel Chateau, except the taxpayers will fund luxurious apartments for total losers.

  3. For what it's worth...I've heard the Center On Halsted will be instrumental in reviewing the applications for occupancy.