Monday, May 26, 2014

BAR-B-SCREWED: Grills Stolen From Wrigleyville Yards

If ain't nailed down, they'll take it.

On at least two occasions this weekend, police have been called to Wrigleyville homes after residents reported seeing a group of people stealing their neighbors' barbecue grills.

The first report came in at 3:45 Saturday afternoon from the 3800 block of Wilton. Officers came up empty-handed in their search for four male suspects who reportedly stole a grill and outdoor chairs.

Around 12:30PM on Memorial Day, another resident who lives across the alley from the first incident reported three people stealing his neighbor's grill. Officers caught up with two suspects at Fremont and Waveland and another at Halsted and Waveland. They were positively identified by the 911 caller.

Unfortunately, the grill's owner was not on-scene and police could not arrest the trio without having a signed complaint.

On the other hand, one of the three was suspected to have been involved in a shoplifting at a nearby Walgreens about an hour before the grill heist. His identity was confirmed and police arrested him in connection with that matter.

The three perpetrators this morning are described as:
1) Male, black, wearing a red tee shirt (arrested)
2) Male, black, heavy build, wearing a black tee shirt
3) Male, black, dressed as a woman in a long blue maxi dress.
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