Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RIDDLE: Why Did The Cop NOT Cross The Road?

Given what we know, we could catch the rapist who attacked and robbed a woman in that Boystown alley yesterday afternoon..

Wearing a White Sox skully with a pompom in Wrigleyville? He may as well have smiled for the cameras—which he literally did.

The story as we see it now is that Chicago Police Department brass have begun treating part of our neighborhood as a "box."

More on that after the—seriously, you're gonna get him, right???—arrest announcement.
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  1. Crimes are happening so close to the police station it is as tho the criminals are thumbing their noses at them......

  2. CPD better catch this asshole.

  3. Asshole is a major understatement!

  4. A "box." I do hope the brass means BOX ALARM. If our two year crime wave would had been a fire the whole dam ward would have burnt down by now! There is zero leadership in this city. Zero. Very sad.

  5. "The box" is a geographic turn that McDrunkoffhisass uses for hot spots in the ghetto districts. Officers are assigned to the boxes and not allowed to patrol anywhere but there.