Sunday, April 06, 2014

WEEKEND UPDATE: Highlights From The Weekend

Top stories that CWB reported this weekend:

• PHONEJACK FRIDAY: One man was punched and robbed on Halsted and another was phonejacked on Roscoe during Friday festivities in Boystown.

• MANPOWER SLIPS: 19th district staffing slipped by two more officers in March. Manpower is down 27% here since October 2011.

• UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Video shows an unofficial Cubs mascot clobbering a Wrigleyville bar-goer who removed the mascot's costume head.

BANK ROBBERY BUST: Police and the FBI say they have arrested one of two bank robbers who have separately targeted a Boystown TCF bank three times over the past year.  The female "Shady Bandit" is in custody but the recently-active "Benchwarmer Bandit" remains on the loose with a $5,000 reward on his head.

CUBS OPENER: The tick-tock of police activity during Friday's Cubs home opener. Trivia: The first arrest of 2014 came about an hour before the first pitch.

BURGLAR BUSTED: An apparent burglar was detained by two citizens after a frequently-targeted Boystown building was struck Saturday afternoon.
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