Sunday, April 06, 2014

WEEKEND UPDATE: Highlights From The Weekend

Top stories that CWB reported this weekend:

• PHONEJACK FRIDAY: One man was punched and robbed on Halsted and another was phonejacked on Roscoe during Friday festivities in Boystown.

• MANPOWER SLIPS: 19th district staffing slipped by two more officers in March. Manpower is down 27% here since October 2011.

• UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Video shows an unofficial Cubs mascot clobbering a Wrigleyville bar-goer who removed the mascot's costume head.

BANK ROBBERY BUST: Police and the FBI say they have arrested one of two bank robbers who have separately targeted a Boystown TCF bank three times over the past year.  The female "Shady Bandit" is in custody but the recently-active "Benchwarmer Bandit" remains on the loose with a $5,000 reward on his head.

CUBS OPENER: The tick-tock of police activity during Friday's Cubs home opener. Trivia: The first arrest of 2014 came about an hour before the first pitch.

BURGLAR BUSTED: An apparent burglar was detained by two citizens after a frequently-targeted Boystown building was struck Saturday afternoon.
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  1. We face the coming week .. and the unknown .. but terribly that 2 more officers are out of the force. God bless those who remain to be alert, brave, smart and steadfast. I appreciate and thank the stalwarts who remain very much. And MOST importantly: thank you, CWB, for ALL the time and devotion you expend to get and report the facts and reality of the safety situation of the neighborhood. Without your efforts, we wouldn't have a clue .. and certainly NOT from the reportage of the Trib, SunTimes or local TV/radio anchors..

    I don't know how you all keep up with the twists and turns, but PLEASE know how very much it's so appreciated.

    1. just make sure you lock your windows and doors

  2. If you live in a residential. building with buzzers at your main front door/lobby/entrance, stop buzzing strangers into your building!

    1. On many of those buildings those buzzer boxes are so old they don't even work. Some people prop the doors open for the mailman. High rent/popular area though....that's all that matters.

  3. When you are out walking around, if you see graffiti, please report it to 311.

    Getting rid of graffiti sends a message that "WE ARE WATCHING YOU"

    The city crews come out very quickly to fix it. They'll even remove it from private property.