Tuesday, April 15, 2014

UPDATE: New Details Of Yesterday's Attack In Boystown

Latest info regarding yesterday afternoon's rape and robbery in Boystown:

Images and possibly video of the suspect were being prepared for release, according to ABC7. CWB can confirm that police have been in possession of good quality video since yesterday evening - good enough to determine that the offender's winter hat sports a White Sox logo and other details.

Fifteen minutes after the attack, the victim's stolen iPhone pinged at Cornelia and Reta, one block from the Caribou Coffee where she was meeting with police.

An hour later, the phone was in Back-of-the-Yards on the city's South Side.

Additional evidence is believed to have been found near a courtyard building in the 800 block of Cornelia.

The earlier clothing description released by police has been "modified."
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  1. Fingerprints to ride the Red Line.

    1. HAHA love it.

    2. Why do I like that idea?

    3. And a fast clear photo of your face. If you do not Agree to the Terms of the CTA and the Chicago Police Department then Do Not even Attempt to Enter this Facility or you will be Subject to ARREST. Poster's to this site have just solved a sure fire way to put a stop to a major mode of transportation that these criminal's use on a daily basis to travel by. Wow, how hard was that.

    4. The criminal scumbags will just start cutting victims fingers off then...

  2. From reports, it seems like the suspect had been watching or following the woman as she went to the gas station. Be careful and stay alert wherever you go is a lesson we can take from this.

  3. One thing I've learned as suggested by a friend. One day go outside your norm and just take time to watch the world with the eyes of a predator. Start observing people and their weaknesses, pick out the easy targets and then take the time to realize why they were easy... In the long run you get into the mindset of a predator and it makes it all the more easy to spot others out "on the hunt". It's ine reason cops are effective at times... They hunt criminals and can use that "predator mode"