Saturday, April 05, 2014

SLIPPAGE: 19th District Headcount Drops Again In March

The police district that covers Wrigleyville and Boystown lost two more officers between mid-February and mid-March, bringing the total number of officers assigned here to 340.

Staffing in our district has plummeted 27% since October 2011 when 468 officers were assigned to protect the area.

The headcount information comes directly from the Chicago Police Department in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by a CWB reader.

Late this week, the police department announced another round of transfer opportunities for patrolmen. While the 19th district has 11 openings listed, there is a wealth of transfer opportunities in "good" districts, which will likely attract the attention of officers currently assigned here.

The anticipated loss of officers to "good" districts, combined with the recent promotions of three 19th district sergeants and one 19th district patrol officer will likely result in a net gain of zero officers or even a loss of more officers here.
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  1. From the keyboards of cops at SCC:

    "Anonymous said...
    I thought all the bad bosses moved out of 19 What gives? That place a dump now? I know the sav**e has overrun wrigley, but 19 used to be a great place

    4/05/2014 01:25:00 AM

    If you got time on the job it's not the place to be. Constant babysitting 1000's of druken kids. Breaking up bar brawls all night, sitting in hospitals with drunken non-sense, DUI accidents all over, shoplifters all day, Halsted St. BS, uptown shootings, etc. etc. Oh, Did I forget THE CUBS? The district is huge now and has a large population. One big pain in the ass! Many have left and will continue to.

    4/05/2014 11:45:00 AM

    Another factor is just the time it takes to drive to the station. Driving to the new station vs. Belmont and Western added to much time to many commutes.

  2. We might be short-staffed of police force but it is a good thing the alderman is still fighting the good fight. You know, for local school council elections.