Saturday, April 05, 2014

SATURDAY: Apparent Burglar Busted At Frequently-Targeted Boystown Apartment Building

It may have looked like two guys beating someone up, but it turned out to be two men struggling to detain a burglary suspect this afternoon in the 500 block of Addison.

Actual burglar may vary.
Passers-by reported a battery in progress in front of an apartment building there at 12:55 this afternoon. At nearly the same time, a 911 caller reported a burglary at the same address.

Police now believe that the burglary offender was caught red-handed by the two men who witnesses thought were beating the guy up.

The suspect was taken into custody.

In an unremarkable coincidence, at 12:40PM on March 23, a witness reported seeing a man matching the description of today's offender climbing out of a window at  the same apartment building. Officers were unable to find the suspected burglar that day and no burglary report was ever filed.

Yet another resident of the building filed a burglary report on January 30th.

Nice work today by the residents and our 19th district officers.
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  1. So it seems the offender was detained and arrested, but it's not very clear here (remembering past incidents).

  2. I'll bet they left their door and windows wide open in 30 degree weather while they were passed out drunk, right?

    1. That would be a continuation of the mindset of our fearless leaders from last year. Remember the classic one about if you see suspicious people coming down your street you should know to run into the safety of your house? I cant wait to see what Tunney and the commander come up with this year.

    2. Oh no, this was stated this year.

    3. don't post ideas