Friday, April 04, 2014

ROUND-UP: Recent Activity In The Hood

Wednesday, 6:14PM—Police are called to Zea Salon, 3707 N. Halsted, after a man pulls a knife on an employee and then begins spitting on him. The offender is described as male, black, and wearing a White Sox hat with blue pants. Recorded as an aggravated assault with a knife in CPD case HX208554.

Robbed By Acquaintances

Today 4:18AM—A bloody man stumbles into a 7-Eleven store in the 4100 block of Broadway and tells the clerk that he has just been beaten and robbed near Broadway and Irving Park Road.

Police find the man to be highly intoxicated. He says two men and one woman beat him up and took a grand total of $35 cash. One man is believed to be named James and the woman is believed to be named Lucy.

It is not clear if a report is filed. Case number, if any, is TBD.

Burglary Beat

A little cluster of burglaries may be forming in nearby Lake View. Three incidents have been reported in a concentrated area over the past two days, but it is not clear if the matters are related.
• A condo owner sees two offenders break through the front door of a multi-unit building in the 800 block of Diversey around 1:45PM. Recorded as criminal damage to property.
• At 5:25 last night, a burglary was reported two blocks away in the 2700 block of Sheffield.
• Another burglary was report last night in the 3200 block of Clifton.

Delayed Reaction

Thursday, 12:43PM—Two units are dispatched to the Circle K at Addison and Halsted after a caller sees four men aggressively arguing with the clerk. Upon arrival, promptly-responding officers learn that the call for help had been placed nearly 30 minutes earlier.
UNIT 1925: [To dispatcher} What time did you get this call for this disturbance at 801 Addison? They’re telling us here they called about 45 minutes ago.
DISPATCHER: It came in at 12:15
UNIT 1925: Okay, but um, that's about half an hour ago. Maybe you’re in a backlog or something.
UNIT 1921: What time did you give this [assignment] to me?
DISPATCHER: You got it at 12:40

Belmont Batteries

Thursday, 9:12PM—A 911 caller reports that he was walking westbound in the 900 block of Belmont, minding his own business, when an unknown man suddenly punched him in the face. The victim follows the offender and calls 911 again to report that the man is punching people in front of the Walgreens at Belmont and Sheffield.

The attacker is described as male, white, wearing sunglasses, a white baseball cap, an orange shirt with numbers on it, and jogging pants.
Image: The Sparta Alternative Press
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