Thursday, April 10, 2014

RAHM-ED: Robbery Victim Seeks Help From Mayor's Security Detail

What's the best way to get help when you get robbed at 6 o'clock in the morning? Well, if you're the guy who got robbed at Berteau and Hermitage this morning, you just walk 100 yards up the street and talk to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's security detail.

One of the police officers assigned to the 24-hour-a-day foot posts outside of Rahm's house at 4228 N. Hermitage radioed that a man had just been robbed down the street by an offender who fled in a white panel van at 5:52 this morning.

After taking the victim's backpack, the driver got back into his vehicle and was last seen driving northbound on Hermitage past the mayor's house.

Police say the offender, who implied that he had a knife, was a Hispanic man with a buzzed haircut and a long red t-shirt. His white panel van had no windows in the back.

This morning's case number is HX217759.

On August 22, 2013, a victim was robbed at gunpoint on the other end of the mayor's block, directly across the street from a police pod camera. There have been no arrests.
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  1. Well, at least the officer was gracious and called for a car to attend to the victim. We all know the car can't leave the detail and go after the offender. If the officer did, he/she would be walking a beat on midnights on the west side.

  2. Based on the way CPD reports crime, this will simply get listed as a lost wallet and phone.

  3. This story is all over the local media. We wouldn't hear anything about it from the local media if it had happened anywhere else in Lakeview or anywhere for that matter.

    1. Correction. We wouldn't hear anything about it from the local media if CWB didn't tell everyone about it first.

    2. Totally agree - original poster above.

    3. Driving northbound on Hermitage without a pothole in sight.

  4. The Praetorian Guard is not here for your protection, citizen.