Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PREDICTABLE: Alleged Phone Thief Tracked Down, Arrested In Center on Halsted

Victim yesterday. Victor today.

A phone theft victim wasn't about to give up after losing his property to a runt yesterday. Instead, he hit the streets this morning and started tracking down the guy who took his stuff.

Police received a call at 12:45 this afternoon from the victim who said he saw the guy who stole his cell phone walking near Halsted and Addison. When police arrived, the victim directed officers into the Center on Halsted, where the alleged thief was hanging out.

The 24-year-old man, who was described as Asian in booking information related to a 2012 burglary allegation, was quickly taken into custody.

Oh, yes. His address of record is the Howard Brown Health Center at 4025 N. Sheridan.

Case #HX241722.
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  1. And his new address of public record is Cook County Jail

    1. Based on every other criminal who gets caught around here (too few), he'll be out in 3 months. That is if he isn't sentenced to boot camp. CWB, will you please keep us updated on what happens to this guy if at all possible, please? I know you're gonna have your hands full with the weather warming up, but it sure would be nice to know.

    2. I love "Victor", the non-victim being pro-active to find his own thief (God forbid we rely on the short-staffed cops around here). Did they find the guy in possession of "Victor's" stuff or how did he prove he was the thief?
      Also, where was he robbed?

  2. But ... but ... but .... wait, didn't that little guy from the CoH publicly state last summer at a CAPS meeting that
    none of his "clients" at CoH were involved in criminal activity in the neighborhood? Gee, wow, we must have just been "perceiving" that CoH was harboring criminals. Mercy.