Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NEARBY: Man Robbed Near Clark & Diversey Overnight

A man was strong-arm robbed of his cell phone and a Nokia camera shortly before 1 o'clock this morning near the Clark/Broadway/Diversey intersection.

The hold-up took place near Drummond and Lehmann, about a block south of the Potbelly restaurant on Diversey.

According to the victim, there were two male offenders, one black and one white. Both were 20- to 24-years-old and wore dark jeans and jackets. After the robbery, one man ran toward a nearby McDonald's and the other ran toward the lake.

CPD case HX242538.

Loyal readers of CWB may find elements of this story familiar. At 1:15AM on October 8, a man was robbed at the same intersection by three men - one white and two black - who were said to be in their 20's.
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