Monday, April 14, 2014

LOOSE ENDS: Little Notes We've Written To Ourselves

A loose end.
It looks like the crew that robbed a GameStop just blocks from a Secret Service security zone during President Barack Obama's recent visit has hit at least five similar stores.

Another Repeat Performance

19th district police believe that the Hispanic man who robbed a victim 100 yards from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's front door then fled in a white van last Thursday also held up another victim about 20 minutes later.

The second victim told police that a Hispanic man used a white van to block him into a parking space in the 2300 block of Lawrence about around 6AM on Thursday. The Lawrence incident has been classified as a theft in CPD record HX218591.

Brown Elephant

Howard Brown Health Center announced this week that the popular Brown Elephant resale shop will be moving out of its long-time home near Halsted and Waveland this summer. Some emailers and comment writers speculated that HBHC may have bigger plans for the space. Not so.

HBHC's VP of Development and Communications, Barbara Tieder, tells us that Howard Brown is "totally moving out of the space."

Check Out Time Is 9 O'Clock, Sir

The Crib youth shelter had a bit of trouble Sunday morning. One of their overnight guests refused to leave the shelter's space in the basement of Lakeview Lutheran Church after service hours ended at 9AM Sunday.

Crib workers walked across the street to the 19th district police station to get help. In an extraordinarily rare move, officers actually walked out of the police station to handle the situation. The squatter was shooed along.

Don't expect a similar response should you stop into the station to report trouble. The desk officers usually just ask to have a car dispatched.

Easter Egg Hunt (Chicago Style)

A guy who was just strolling along Damen at Diversey found a little surprise on the street: A loaded handgun. He put it into a plastic bag and called 911 to have officers pick it up. They did.

Lighter Side

7:18AM Saturday Dispatch: In the 600 block of Deming, a man has broken into a garage. The homeowner found him sleeping there and now the man refuses to leave.


  1. I have heard the owner's of Circuit repeatedly talk about opening a teen dance club. Maybe this is the spot they intend. It is conveniently located across from the Center on Halsted.

    1. Circuit started as an under-21-focused late night coffee shop/used album store, occupying the front area of its current location with a huge, empty warehouse in back.

    2. The neighborhood residents better be prepared to fight any plans like that tooth and nail.

    3. A teen dance club opening across from CoH? What could possibly go wrong?

    4. Crosseyed ChickenApr 14, 2014, 4:21:00 PM

      When I envision a teen dance club across from COH, all I can see is the Michael Jackson video "Beat It", particulary that knife fight scene.

  2. The signs in the windows at Brown Elephant say that they are moving to 3020 N. Lincoln Ave. during "Summer 2014." There are also new "For Rent" signs up on the windows.

    1. Does HB own the building or were they renting?

  3. They will be "safe" since the entertainment cars can't leave their area and cross over Addison Street if there is any trouble.

  4. Both 3651 and 3641 N. Halsted are listed for rent on a commercial real estate site. Isn't that Brown Elephant and Circuit?

  5. Be a nice location for the Out Hotel Chicago.