Sunday, April 06, 2014

LIGHTER SIDE: Calls That Kept It Interesting

Today, 1:05AM — Security at the New York building, 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive, asked an intoxicated man to leave the premises. That man proceeded to pass out inside of a pizza delivery car that was idling in the driveway. Police are now needed because the pizza boy wants the man removed from the delivery vehicle. Officers give the intoxicated man a ride to an address in North Center.

Today, 2:20AM — Jeff is at Sheridan and Irving Park Road. A man on a bicycle asked him for money. Jeff gave him some money, but accidentally gave him way too much and now the man on the bicycle won't give Jeff some money back. Now, the two men are arguing.
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  1. So judging from the area and method, Jeff bought oregano in baggies and tried to get a refund...

  2. The New York building has sadly turned into party central now that it's mostly people renting there rather than the owners. Drunks and dogs, that's all that's left lol.

    1. Well at least the New York isn't like a lot of the buildings on LSD which are stuffy,practly senior citzen buildildings with a bunch of animal haters. Also, won't be long before it starts to get interesting @ Halsted Flats.

  3. There were two really going at it at Barry/Broadway about 1am when I drove through (had to stop for a few seconds and drop somebody off). A loud mouth drunk punk and a bum. The bum had the beer bottle in his hand ready to aim and fire though. Maybe he took it from him. Pretty sure it escalated but didn't stick around. Sorry, I had to get out of that neighborhood. It was bad enough living there. If I were the cops, I'd be about fed up with this every night on every other corner too. Again, the businesses and residents have to reconsider who/what they're attracting to the area. For $1300/mo. I preferred to live around adults and not re-visit elementary school days.