Sunday, April 20, 2014

EGG-STRAS: Weekend Blotter

Some notes and less serious items from the weekend:

Burglary Beat

A couple of forcible entry burglaries in LSD/Sheridan highrises. Rather unusual.

• 3000 block of Sheridan. Forcible entry. Friday.

• 3700 block of Lake Shore Drive. Forcible entry. Sunday.

• 3800 Sheffield. Forcible entry. Sunday.

• 2900 block of Racine, a burglary through the rear basement door while the homeowner was upstairs around 10:30PM Friday. The offender escaped.

Not "Smart"

Police were called to Halsted and Waveland at 12:08PM Friday after a woman complained that a motorist took her off her bike and threw her to the ground because she "got smart" with him for almost hitting people. One arrest for battery in CPD case HX228166.

Party of The Year

A massive party with 200 to 250 revelers kept the 3700 block of Fremont hoppin' late Friday and early Saturday.

The first 911 call came in around 11:45PM, reporting that a woman was in the alley trying to disperse 200 party-goers, but "they won't listen to her." Officers arrived and called for additional units to handle "250 people walking around and acting like idiots" at Fremont and Waveland.

A couple of hours later, the party had re-assembled in the alley behind the 3700 Fremont. It was dispersed. Then, at 2:50AM, multiple 911 callers reported seven men beating up a lone combatant in the 3700 block of Fremont. Officers arrived to find "30 to 40" people scrambling away. The man who got beat up refused EMS services.


Thursday, 7:15PM - A man reportedly threw rocks and damaged a vehicle passing Halsted and Waveland.

Sunday, 12:07AM - The doorman at 3730 N. Lake Shore Drive reports that two 8-foot-by-6-foot plate glass windows at the building's entrance "shattered at the same time." Criminal damage to property report taken.

Sunday, 12:26AM - A CTA bus at Lake Shore Drive and Stratford reports that someone threw an object and shattered a window. Criminal damage to vehicle report taken.

Offender Description of the Week

Easter, 9:53AM...
Dispatcher: If you can believe it on this Sunday morning...There's prostitution, 5XX West Aldine. Female. Black. Prostitute. Green sweat pants, gray t-shirt, and a bad wig that needs to be removed."
We think the prostitute needed to be removed, not the wig. Although...
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  1. And bike riders have to ride single file. It's a road first and foremost. They have their own lane now too but still can't get it right.

  2. Re
    • 3000 block of Sheridan.
    • 3700 block of Lake Shore Drive.

    Both of these blocks have non-hi-rise structures, as well, so unless you have firm addresses detailing the designations as hi-rise, you should be more careful. Thanks for your efforts, though.

    1. We have the exact addresses. They are high rises as we reported. Thank you for your efforts as well.

    2. They have made no efforts. They prefer to sit around the house criticizing people without having sufficient information.

  3. If the hi-rises are starting to suffer burglaries, then we are all just forked.

    1. I live in a high rise on LSD in Lakeview and all i have to say is, if they try to break into my place, they wont be happy. :)

  4. Additional coverage = cooking the books on Chicago crime:

    Chicago Police Accused of Cooking Lower Crime Stats

    Glad to see it.

  5. Thanks for all you do. For the 2900 Racine burglary - do you have anymore info on that? Did they try to force there way in? We live on the block so want to find out where we can get more info

    1. Hello, Anonymous. The burglar(s) forced their way through the home's rear basement door. The homeowner apparently heard them breaking in, but did not get a good look at them. Officers determined the burglary to be "bona fide" and a report was filed.

  6. I hope a real candidate runs against Rahm and uses all this stuff against him. Love to see him lose badly. He is one POS liar for sure.