Thursday, April 24, 2014

DEJA VU: Boystown Rape, Robbery Suspect's Free Pass

The so-called "man" who has been charged with raping and robbing a woman at knifepoint in a Boystown alley last week was accused of sexually assaulting another woman in December, but prosecutors refused to file charges. We told you about that last week.

This morning, Second City Cop has a few more details of the December incident which sound....familiar.
...[Marcus Lynch] was arrested on 13 December 2013 on another CSA where he detained and raped a female at knife-point, forced the victim to give him her phone number, called the victim while she was being interviewed by the police for another "date" and was apprehended where he told her to meet him.
Slam-dunk Criminal Sexual Assault, right? Not according to the State's Attorney who refused to approve felony charges that probably would have kept this animal behind bars and prevented the most recent rape. The case was initially listed as "continuing investigation," but was shortly followed up by a refusal of charges.
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  1. Can't imagine what must have happened here. Sounds despicable on the surface. Perhaps there's the beginnings of a suit against the city?

    1. Face palm.... First why against the city? The city did their jobs. The States Attorney chose to not bring charges... State or county issue. Second thought, while I agree with the sentiment that the victim needs to be compensated you do realize that if a suit against the city,county or state succeeds then technically you and I are the payees of that settlement... Government doesn't make money they take from the tax payers. Punishing the government is self punishment. Fire the prosecutor who made the decision, fire the supervisor

    2. while the door is hitting rahmmie and tommy in the ass after the next election cycle, we should toss in Daley pet, Ms. Alvarez, into the mix as well. Worthless as an SA.

  2. Kinda like being victimized twice. Once by the rapist, once by the prosecution; and the rapist gets off to do it again. City life ain't for everyone.

  3. I posted this in the comments last night shortly after it appeared on Second City Cop along with my perspective on this being yet another example of the Cook County justice system's "Catch and Release" program. We (police) catch the offenders only to have the CCSA and judges release them. But my post and commentary aren't there.

  4. Sorry about that. Our itchy-finger editor thought it was a copy-paste of the SSC post.

  5. "...shortly followed up by a refusal of charges."

    I don't understand. Why would the State's Attorney not file charges? Maybe because the victim did not want to? Not enough evidence?

  6. CWB, I have no idea why prosecutors didn't bring charges back in December, do you? If so, please share.

    However, until the facts are known, I hope you will consider putting an end to promoting further speculation and innuendo regarding that case.

  7. While I have no specific information on the earlier sexual attack and have no knowledge of the victim, the ASA may decline felony approval under similar circumstances if they perceive the victim won't make a sympathetic victim in court, may prove problematic to questioning by the defense, has a checkered personal history, or may not pursue the prosecution of the offender.

    For example, if the victim and sole complaining witness was a substance abuser, was a commercial sex worker, or had an extensive criminal history, the ASA would probably decline felony approval but might file lesser charges.

    To the ASA and the State's Attorney's Office, it's all about winning the case and the quality of the victim/witness. The charges are then typically reduced if approved at all.

    Indigent offenders are not always represented by the over-worked though capable public defenders. Some are represented by high-powered, big-name Loop law firms paid for by legal aid charitable organizations including Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities represented rapist/murderer James Ealy.