Sunday, April 13, 2014

CHICKEN WITH ITS HEAD CUT OFF: District Runs Out of Cops 3 Times

The 19th district ran out of officers to handle emergency calls for three extended periods between Saturday afternoon and sunrise on Sunday, going into "RAP" status for at least eight of the 17 hours between 1PM Saturday and sunrise today.

"RAP" stands for "Radio Assignments Pending." It's a status declared by the Office of Emergency Managment and Communications when no officers are available to handle radio assignments in a given district.

During RAPs, 911 calls for police service sit around until an officer becomes available. Then, they are generally assigned to handle the highest-priority case pending.

CWB is aware of 10 RAPs so far in 2014, but that number is set to skyrocket now that warm weather is on its way back.

What is the practical effect of being in a RAP? Well, here's the list of calls that were waiting for officers to become available as of 1:20 this morning:

  • Battery in progress at Claremont and Waveland.
  • Battery in progress near Halsted and Waveland.
  • Domestic in the 800 block of Sunnyside.
  • Assault in progress, 3200 block of Lincoln.
  • Assault in progress at the McDonald's by Wrigley Field
  • Battery victim injured. EMS rolling. Circuit nightclub.
  • Battery just occurred, Moe's Cantina, 3518 N. Clark
Why do we run out of officers? A major reason is because our district has lost 27% of its manpower over the past two years. Even though politicians and police executives promised that they would not take away our cops, they did.

It's going to be rainy tonight. Why not take a few moments to fire off some emails to see why your elected officials seem to think that it's okay to mislead the public about critical public safety issues? Want to see exactly what individual "leaders" said? Check out the quotes.

Email 44th ward Alderman Tom Tunney (represents most of Wrigleyville and Boystown)

Email 47th ward Alderman Ameya Pawar (represents areas northwest of Wrigleyville)

Email 43rd ward Alderman Michele Smith (Lincoln Park)
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  1. I've been out of town on business for the better part of the past month but overheard conversation at Wrigleyville Einstein's this morning that Tunney was not running again due to his restaurant corporation getting into the liquor license business or something of that sort, and aldermen can't have liquor licenses?? Fact that I missed while away or just speculation?

  2. It's only going to get worse as the weather continues to improve, unless you listen to the superintendent and mayor who continue to say weather and crime rates have absolutely no correlation.

  3. About 1am I texted police about four dudes who were passing around gin and juice outside their parked car on Southport across from The Music Box. About an hour later, I got a response "Thank you for the information, when a vehicle is available a car will be sent to check this incident out." South Side yos know they can begin taking over the decent North Side neighborhoods because police are spread way too thin to respond.

    1. Are you for real? It takes them an hour to respond to a crime spotting text message? With a pre written response to boot. The powers that be do not care..

    2. Next time, call 911. Who knows how long that text was there before it was read, forwarded to the proper dispatching zone, held by them, and then finally assigned. Technology is gross and all, but when you need the police, call us. It's faster.

      And this isn't directed at the original poster, but, if you see something like a suspicious person or 4 guys drinking, DON'T call the desk. They don't dispatch cars from the desk. Call 911. If the desk takes your call, then they have to notify the zone, and that takes even more time. Just a helpful hint.

  4. Couldn't help but notice they're taking over that Southport "corridor" in droves too. Very loud and make it clear that they're there! Best of luck!

  5. Don't forget to add James Cappleman to that list. He's tough on crime and seemingly pro-cop (at least compared to his predecessor) but it certainly can't hurt to contact him, too.

    1. We're not so sure about the tough on crime part. He caved on demanding more cops in this year's budget. His take-away from an impromptu chat with a couple of Conservative Vice Lords was that they need help getting back on their feet after prison. Although, his office *does* call the police when they see people selling individual cigarettes on the street and/or drinking in public.