Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BOYSTOWN ATTACK: Brushes With The Law Had Been Relatively Minor

Prior to facing criminal sexual assault and armed robbery charges in connection with Monday's attack in Boystown, 20-year-old Marcus Lynch had three relatively minor brushes with the law as an adult. Charges were dropped in all three cases.

Prosecutors say Marcus Lynch confessed to Monday's
attack. We are pleased to hear that he did not
follow his t-shirt's advice.
None of the previous incidents occurred in Wrigleyville or Boystown according to CWB's review of Cook County Criminal Court and Chicago Police Department records.

- Lynch's first charge as an adult came on July 12, 2011, following a battery incident at a Logan Square home. Prosecutors dropped the case.

- Five months later, on December 14, Lynch was charged with domestic battery following an incident at the same Logan Square location. Charges were dropped after the victim failed to appear in court.

- Most recently, Lynch was charged with theft of services after allegedly crossing into the 47th Street Green Line station without paying on June 27, 2013. That charge was dropped after the CTA failed to appear.

A judge today ordered Lynch to be held without bail in connection with Monday's attack. Prosecutors say Lynch has confessed.
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