Sunday, April 27, 2014

BLOTTER: Weekend Events

All-in-all, it has been a relatively quiet weekend. The Clark Street "Entertainment Detail," which is a minimal operation at best, was not deployed Saturday night.

Friday, 6:32AM - A bloody 22-year-old man seeks help into the lobby of 3600 block of N. Lake Shore Drive and says someone jumped him. Battery case HX235086

Friday, 2:38PM - Forcible entry burglary, believed to have occurred between 11:30AM and 2PM. 500 block of Roscoe. Case HX235628.


The "suspicious man"
12:26AM - A caller reports a suspicious man at Roscoe and Halsted. An intoxicated male white, 6-feet tall, wearing a black coat is driving a black Ford Taurus the wrong way on the street and he's yelling into a loud speaker, pretending to be the police.  The 19th district police commander reports that he is the suspicious man, driving his unmarked Ford Taurus.

12:40AM - Battery at Fiesta Cantina, 3407 N. Clark. Ambulance called for woman who has "a really good knot on her head." Case HX237631

1:17AM - Officers are waved down by a person who claims a huge fight has broken out inside the Underground Lounge, 954 W. Newport. Officers determine that the "fight" is actually an enthusiastic slam pit.

1:48AM - Reports of 10 white and Asian men fighting in the 3300 blocks of Sheffield and Kenmore. One arrest.

2:50AM - Man reports being battered near Roscoe and Halsted. Case HX237716
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