Wednesday, April 02, 2014

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Men Storm, Rob GameStop Near Obama Security Zone

It should have been one of the safest areas in the world tonight. Should have been.

As President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser at Fullerton and Janssen this evening, up to six hooded men battled bumper-to-bumper traffic to successfully storm and rob a nearby GameStop, escaping with hundreds of dollars in merchandise. No arrests have been made.

Huddled inside of the store's rest room, an employee dialed 911 at 6:35PM to report that that up to six offenders had barged in, turned off the surveillance system, and were helping themselves to the store's Xbox collection.

After lugging merchandise to their get-away car—a white General Motors SUV with tinted rear windows—the crew drove into jam-packed traffic on Fullerton Avenue and seemingly disappeared.

Descriptions of two offenders have been narrowed down:
1) Male, black, dark complected, 5'10" tall, 185 lbs, wearing a black hoodie and gray pants
2) Male, black, dark complected, 5'7" tall, 160 lbs, wearing all black.
The incident is recorded as a strong-arm robbery in CPD record HX208654.

GameStop is located at the far southwest corner of our sprawling 19th police district.
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