Friday, March 07, 2014

SHADY: Jewel-Osco Bank Robber Strikes In Andersonville Sporting $57 Designer Ski Cap. Again.

Photo of the TCF robber in action yesterday afternoon. 
Yep. It was her. A woman who has robbed the TCF Bank inside Boystown's Jewel-Osco twice in the past year struck on the North Side yesterday afternoon.

Now dubbed the "Shady Bandit" by the FBI, the woman held up the TCF Bank inside Andersonville's Jewel-Osco Thursday.

She was last seen southbound on Clark Street from the Jewel store around 2:05PM yesterday.

Other robberies credited to the woman include:
• TCF Bank inside the Jewel-Osco at 5343 N. Broadway on April 26, 2013
• TCF Bank inside the Jewel-Osco at 4355 N. Sheridan on February 14
• TCF Bank inside the Jewel-Osco in Boystown, 3531 N. Broadway on May 21 and November 20, 2013
Her $57 Oak Street boutique winter cap.
Now, confidentially:

Really, girl? You better freshen up that look up. You can't be seen robbing banks in the same outfits.

I mean, the $57 Juicy Couture ski cap was cute the FIRST time you wore it to a bank robbery. But, twice? TWICE? No, girl. No. Get back down to Oak Street and glam it up.

And don't get us started on that parka.