Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SPRING BROKE: Robbed Tourists Seek Cheap Entertainment

It looks like one of the victims of this morning's robbery near Illinois Masonic Medical Center has taken to the Internet to collect suggestions for free entertainment to enjoy during his spring break stop-over in Lake View.
I'm in your fair city on Spring Break with a buddy from college and last night, while walking to the house we're staying at, our hosts and we got mugged. No violence or anything, we just tossed the mugger our wallets and avoided any possible danger. Still, it put a damper on our spirits last night. Me and my buddy, and our hosts, lost our debit cards, cash, driver's licenses, transit cards, and the rest of our wallets' contents. 
So what can we do? We're in the DePaul University/Lincoln Park/Diversey Brown Line Stop area. We're just in town for the day and still want to enjoy ourselves.
 What's free (or cheap, one of us managed to keep our debit card)? What's close?
What's fun? ETC
Have ideas? Hop over to Reddit and help 'em out.


  1. If the weather reports for tonight are correct you can participate in Chicago 2014 winter, aerobic activity and shovel some snow. As you have seen Chicago loves to special greetings to visitors. I'm sure some residents would be happy to share in the fun. Some might even pay you. Some will even leave you lawn chair in a shoveled out parking spot for visitors to rest in. ;)

  2. They could go hang out at the COH. They would probably meet up with their welcoming committee there.

    1. And a true "Taste of Chicago" off the Magnificent Mile.

  3. They seem awfully chipper!...must be young enough to consider it and adventure....

  4. In Lincoln Park? Just stand outside. There are plenty of trixies and chads to make peoplewatching fun.

  5. Go up to the bars on Clark St and watch people beat on each other. You can enjoy the entire fight since we are short about 125 officers in the district.

  6. They can take a tour at a bar that charges no cover, enjoy a few great videos..... and not order a thing. I think that would send a great message.