Wednesday, March 05, 2014

TWELVE PERCENT: The Accused In Last Year's Wrigleyville, Boystown Robberies

Of the 240 robberies recorded by the Chicago Police Department in Wrigleyville and Boystown last year, only 28 have wound up with criminal charges filed.

Last week, CWB began introducing you to the men and women accused—rightly or wrongly— in those 28 cases.

Now, here is additional information regarding those accused of participating in crimes between January 1 and May 31 of last year. We will report on the second half of 2013 tomorrow.

CPD CASE #HW111483
DATE: 1/10/13 4:45 AM
LOCATION: Roscoe & Elaine Place
ACCUSED/AGE: Aleanie Bradley, 27
CHARGES: Robbery, Unlawful restraint
STATUS: Plea Bargain. Sentenced to 5 years prison on August 5th, Bradley is in the Illinois River Correctional Center. He is expected to be paroled in July 2015.

Williams, Brown, Underwood. (Chicago Tribune)
CPD CASE #HW123069
NEWS STORY: Chicago Tribune
DATE: 1/19/13 12:46 AM
LOCATION: Belmont & Sheffield
ACCUSED/AGE: Terrell Williams, 18; William Brown, 25; Dontay Underwood, 19
CHARGES: Various
STATUS: Brown pleaded guilty and is serving a 4-year sentence. He is expected to be paroled in November. Underwood pleaded guilty, received a 4 year sentence, and is expected to be paroled in July. Terrell Williams pleaded guilty and received 2 years probation. Williams is due back in court on March 26th.

Castle (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
CPD CASE #HW125121
DATE: 1/20/13 6:10 PM
LOCATION: Cassava Restaurant, 3338 N Clark
ACCUSED/AGE: William Castle, 48
CHARGES: Aggravated kidnapping of a child, aggravated robbery, and more
STATUS: Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to 10 years plus 8 years served concurrently. Projected parole date in January 2022.

CPD CASE #HW149821
DATE: 2/9/13 3:56 AM
LOCATION: Restaurant in the 900 block of Belmont
ACCUSED/AGE: Cedrick L Johnson, 23
CHARGES: Robbery
STATUS: Pleaded guilty. 3-year sentence with parole expected in November.

CPD CASE #HW165217
DATE: 2/21/13 4:39 PM
LOCATION: Sidewalk near 862 Cornelia
ACCUSED/AGE: Milda Bartasiunnaite, 27; Keyruni Buford, 29
CHARGES: Armed robbery, aggravated battery, unlawful restraint
STATUS: Bartasiunnaite and Buford pleaded not guilty. Next hearing on March 17.

CPD CASE #HW170385
DATE: 2/25/13 8:05 PM
LOCATION: Sidewalk near 3527 N Sheffield
ACCUSED/AGE: Rayvon D. Beene,17
CHARGES: Robbery
STATUS: Pleaded guilty. 3-year sentence. Parole expected in September.

CPD CASE #HW210771
DATE: 3/29/13 4:05 AM
LOCATION: Subway Restaurant, 1020 W Belmont
ACCUSED/AGE: Marchee J. Jelks, 19
STATUS: Pleaded guilty. 2 years probation

Kabba (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
CPD CASE #HW292304
DATE: 5/27/13 2:38 AM
LOCATION: Sidewalk at Corelia and Elaine
ACCUSED: Alpha U Kabba, 20
CHARGES: Robbery, aggravated battery, unlawful restraint
STATUS: Kabba struck a deal and pleaded guilty. Serving a 3-year term, he is expected to be paroled in November.


  1. I think someone else suggested that having information on where these perpetrators/accused perpetrators live would be valuable to understand -- are we being victimized by locals, or by folks from the South or West Side or Rogers Park? Do the case reports contain information on the accused's most recent address (like the Chicago Tribune story reports)?

    Perhaps not providing address information for *accused* perps is reasonable, but after they are convicted (or plead guilty) does it make sense to share, or does it unnecessarily inflame the community? Does CWB have a perspective on this?

    1. Addresses of the accused are not readily available in court records. At least, not that we know of.

  2. When a Officer stops some of the individuals who are lurking on the side streets and finds out that they have robbery in their backgrounds. Many Officers tell these individuals to leave the area, and to stay away or they will be stopped many times. This puts your Officers in a bind as then the jerks robbing your neighbors and you complain about Officers "harassing" them. This city has really dug itself a deep hole and right now there is no visible way out. Please stay safe, and remember most of your Officers are good people and hard workers, back them up, talk to them, ask them questions if you need to get a better understanding of things.

  3. I think that it is an extremely safe bet that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly not locals, though I am sure some of them have addresses at one of the shelters in the neighborhood or in Uptown.

  4. You should be able to get addresses from arrest reports or criminal complaints, both of which should be contained in the court's common law record or case file.

    1. Thank you, anonymous. Pulling the physical files is t-e-d-i-o-u-s. We'll ask our expert if there is a way to get the info via the court system's 1970's-era computer system. That ain't hyperbole, by the way.

    2. CWB - that is most DEFINITELY not hyperbole. I can attest as an attorney that the state courtrooms - I kid you not - overwhelmingly still use carbon paper copies of orders. Carbon. Paper. Copies.

    3. Somebody's relative probably owns the company that still produces the forms.

  5. Might I ask where the 12% number comes from? Is it possible that some of these robberies that went unsolved were part of a larger pattern that was taken care of with an arrest on one of the cases? (IE if one guy robs 10 different people but gets caught on the last one only, the guy then confesses to all 10 in exchange for only bring sentenced on one) just thinking outside the box here

    1. The story states that charges were brought in only 12% of robberies here last year. That's a fact. Even in your scenario, the offender only got charged once, so he got away with it 9 times.